Magnavox Blue Ray Player

Spotted at Wal-Mart tonight: Magnavox Blue Ray Player $129.00.
Can’t wait for someone to review it.

Seems to be “so-so” according to the ratings and I believe it is a V1.1 Spec.

No firmware updates for it yet or anything, not even listed on Magnavox’s site, though I’m sure it should play movies fine and Wally World takes things back for 90 days and offers a great price on extended warranties.

Uh, you might want to hold off on that purchase folks:

It sounds like as long as all you want to do is play movies the older players should still be fine, it’s just when you want to try the managed copy that you’ll have issues.
Folks are going to be really pissed, and rightly so, if their older players suddenly stop working with newer disks.
I have a first gen Panasonic bd-10a and so far other then being slow about doing things it has played everything I’ve fed it including home made AVCHD dvd disks.