Magnatune gives away lossy music as advertisements

I just posted the article Magnatune gives away lossy music as advertisements.

RTV71 used our news submit to tell us about this interesting concept being tried over at
Magnatune. It’s amazing that people will even buy 128 kbps music that has
digital management controls,…

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Don’t you mean lousy music? I’m not familiar with LOSSY music.

It’s not a typo. LOSSY means low bitrate, crappy quality music (128-kbps MP3s are crap).

What can I say. Finally something we all been waiting for. 1. Evaluate att lossy rate. 2. Buy NON-DRM lossless (if you like) 3. Give away 3 copies to friends ! 4. Choose you price (min. $5 for an album). 5. Download covers! Just bought my first album in over 6 years !!! Congrats, hope Magnatune gets alot of attention and shows the “Big guys” the way to do it. :slight_smile: Good Luck !