Magix mp3 maker centurion burn problem

I have bought the above software because i liked the old version(platinum) but when i try to burn i get a message “no cdr drive found”. I can burn discs with other software so does anybody know why this might happen?



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Disable windoze IMAPI cd burning service in administrative tools–> services.

Make sure you choosed your burner and not a virtual drive in apps settings.

BTW, I’m not using this app, can’t assist you further.

thanks, Have disabled imapi and in options==> cd settings the software lists my drive(dvd rw nd 1300 A) but it still says no cdr drive found


Then please contact Magix.

Back in my days when i experimented with Magix software i concluded it was the most useless crap i have ever seen. Can’t you make a huge .wav/movie file of your recordings and use another program to burn it?

yeah… magix uses its own drivers for its burning program. you need to download their drivers and disable all other burn program drivers. its a pain because they want administrater rights over other programs you will use such as photos and movie files.etc