Magix Audio Cleaning Lab - analog to digital burning tool



I just posted the article Magix Audio Cleaning Lab - analog to digital burning tool.


presents their solution for cleaning, then burning either analog or digital music and audio from a variety of sources to optical discs. This includes LPs, cassettes and…

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Pity that they behave the way they do. I thought i would give this product a spin. For 29,95 i could try it out and see if it was any good. But believe it or not but they only accept orders from US and Canada. I can understand that there might be licensing issues that prohibits them from selling to some countries but this “US and Canada only” behaviour is something quite alot of companies do without thinking. The internet was supposed to get you mowing into the global economy but so far we are quite a long way from that. And now it lost them 29,95.


improves it by removing unwanted noise Thats rap finished off then :B