Magicspin I/O Magic DVDRW IDVD16DL problem with Nero 7

I bought this drive recently and when I burn a DVD with Nero 7, works fine at 8x. But if I have the box checked to “Verify Written Data”, it seems to only read the disc and verify the data at 2x or 4x and it takes a LONG time (20+ minutes).

Do you think this a problem with the drive or my Nero settings or something else? Thanks for any help…

The verify option is kinda useless, in your case it either proves that the media were badly burnt or your drive has an rip-lock.

Just check the content and media for quality with DVDInfo or Nero CD DVD Speed.

It’s not useless because it alerts me to a bad burn, so I can reburn before deleting the original files. I just don’t know why it is verifying so slowly. Can anyone else give some help? Thanks…

I wrote “kinda useless”, not “useless”.