Magicspin I/O Magic DVDRW 1016UI Problem

I am really new to all of this so please take it easy on me :slight_smile: Well the other night I decided to update the firmware in my burner. Bad idea on my part. I have done some research on this fourm and I am really hoping that my drive is not completly toasted.

I am not sure what firmware I updated to so if anyone could let me know how to detect it that would be awsomem. Also the actvity light just stays on and the tray does not eject. I am also having a hell of a time finding drivers for this thing. The research that ive done hasnt really helped all that much. I cant even find this burner on I/O’s website. I am really hoping to re install the driver and roll back the firm update. Any and all help or advice is appriceated. Oh yeah, my burner is an external USB 2 drive. Thanks agian. If I need to supply more info please let me know.

I have the same model - purchased it in July and updated the FW from A07J to A188. Download DVD Identifier to find out what FW you have.

I didn’t need to install any drivers as it was immediately recognized when I plugged in the USB cable.

So far my unit works well if you don’t use cheap media. Mine likes RicohJPN. I’ve been backing up DVDs using DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink. You can find great guides for these programs using these forums or those at

Can someone PLEASE help me ! I have an emprex usb 2.0 external
dvdrw (1016). It was working perfectly fine on my windows 98, but I did
a fimware upgrade and it no longer works !!! I updated with the
wrong firmware and a ‘update failure’ message showed up.
It can’t be detected by windows and if I try to open the drive
to put a disc in it, it wont open. It’s not responding to anything.
PLEASE tell me how to get and reinstall its origioanl firmware !!!

I have one of these burners too and it works fine but I don’t know what the 2 RCA conectors are for on the back of it. Analog input? I can’t find any place to get a owners manual for it. Any help would welcomed.


My crystal ball says: Audio output. Such was very common with Genesys Logic based enclosures.
Requirements are: The drive has an analog output connector, that is connected to the connector of the bridgeboard of the enclosure. But since all recent drives don’t have “fwd/rew” and “stop/play” buttons, this feature is redundant nowadays.