Magicspin I/O Magic DVD RW 1016IM: doesn\'t respond after driver update

[qanda]This thread is about the I/O Magic External 16X DVD±RW/±R (IDVD16DDME/BE). Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Magicspin I/O Magic DVD rw 1016IM Problem!!!

i am having a problem with this drive .i was having problems burning dvds so i went to and updated the firmware from Ver. A07R to Ver. A091.i restarted the computers and the drive was not recogined by the computer nor was i able to open the tray.there was just a steady green light on the drive.and nothing else.i went to the website to try to undo this whole thing but the instruction were so complicated and i didnt know that to do.i was thing that someone here mgiht have a better solution.make like burn it on a cd and then do something.i dont know.i know many others have this same problem too b.c i saw other threads but they didnt seem to help.