MAGICSPIN DVDRW 1008IM seen through USB connection as CD DRIVE

Thanks in advice for any ideas why this is happening, here is my delimma.

I recently did a system restore on my Compaq Presario Desktop,(XP Home) afterwards I decided to remove some avi files that I have on there to DVD.

I pulled out an old MAGICSPIN DVDRW 1008IM that I had in an old computer that always worked great (of course, I lost the software) I plugged it into an EXTERNAL Dynex peripheral USB and plugged it into the presario.

When I “click” MY COMPUTER, I can clearly see " DVD-RW Drive (F) " listed under the Devices with Removable Storage Heading.

Here is what is happening, when I load a DVD+R into the bay and close it, the ICON in MY COMPUTER immediatey changes to “CD Drive (F)” ???

I went to the web and found a firmware update, that didn’t work. I searched the web for any drivers I could find for an external DVDRW, couldn’t find any. Also, this computer when new never came with windows media.

I’m losing my marbles here, this shouldn’t be a problem at all. Anybody have any ideas? Or where I may find media or drivers for this thing?

Thank you!

Your loosing your marbles…

XP does not know what a DVD recordable disc is (especially a +R) so it says its a CD

You need to install DVD burning software to write to DVD discs but you can ignore the disc type reported in My Computer as it is wrong (and cannot be corrected).

Thanks but that’s not the issue. There is DVD burning software on the Hard drive.

I’m thinking it may be USB related, the software won’t see the drive either.

You have to use the burning software to burn to disc; you cannot burn to standard DVDs using just Windows Explorer in Windows XP [except in certain cases]. Windows XP’s burning engine doesn’t recognize writable DVDs; that’s why the icon changes to just a “CD Drive”.

What software are you trying to use?

Holy shit qwarkz, YOU WERE RIGHT!!!

THANKS, you just saved me a couple hundred bucks and some marbles…love ya man (in a NON HOMO way)