MagicSpin DD0401 doesn't read HD-BURN

Well, related to my first post. I kept this magicspin DD0401 because of the HD-burn capability.

I made a HD-burn CD with the drive in the external enclosure USB 2.0 (Imation 32x, CMC magnetics) The burn process went smooth at the familiar 24x max, and the 1200 MB were written in almost 7 minutes.

Nero reported the HD-burn CD as succesful. I said OK, took out the CD after NERO opened the tray and then inserted it on the drive to read it… surprise, surprise, it didn’t see the CD as HD-BURN…

Trying on a DVd/Cd-RW combo gave the same result, but expected in that case… unable to read the CD.

Try one again in the DD0401 and NO Cd is seen… try again and again and NO HD-burn CD can be read by the drive…

I was assuming that the DD0401 should be able to read it, as it was able to write it… Do you think that the fact of having the DVDRW in a USB 2.0 enclosure matters?



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I do not have any experience with HD Burn so I may be wrong, but:

I think I’ve heared/read that not all types of CD-R discs works good with HD-Burn, so I suggest trying with some brands that should work (Mitsubishi/verbatim, Ritek and Taiyo Yuden - all 48x/52x certified).

I surely will HD-burn with some Taiyo Yudens… :slight_smile:



I had a 100 disc spindle of Taiyo Yuden inkjet printable 80 minute CD-R delivered today. One of the things DVDINFOPro notes is that this media is HD-BURN certified. However, I don’t have a HD-BURN capable drive.


Guys, thanks for the answers… HD-Burn in a taiyo yuden works perfectly! The disk can be read without issues. Writing was a little frustarting, as 12X max for 1.3 GB takes as long as a DVd at 4X…