Magic of Figures, or Detective Story about Unreadable CDs

Personally tested © on LTR-40125S/LTR-48125S same verification error as described in article.

Liteon support: "I’m afraid that there is something wrong with your drive. In case of warranty, please return your
drive to your dealer, he will swap it for a good one. "


Download, unzip and burn this file with verification Originnaly you can find this file and expanation what to do in article.

I think your Liteon support guy doesn’t understand what you’re talking about,
try sending him the file. Regarding this problem, this is a serious bug, and it
seems that about all Mediatek chipsets suffer from it.

I have sent this file firstly with explanation, I think they have understood, they simply do not want anything to do with the given problem :a