Magic DVD Ripper

I’m doing some housecleaning and wondering about Magic DVD Ripper. No updates in a long time, is the program defunct? Thanks Steve

It looks like it might be defunct, yep. I certainly can’t see any activity going on with it.

You can always try to email support & see for sure, but since these sorts of apps are usually updated frequently, it’s probably safe to uninstall.

Their website is still up, maybe they just got scared of the pressure and are trying to lay low.

^ Also, since no new DVD copy protections, excluding cinavia, have appeared for several years, there probably isn’t much need to update the program.

Still other programs needs to be updated to handle problematic DVDs? Why?

Thanks for responding. I guess I could try it on a newer title to see if it still works. I srill use that Firesign Theater refrain from time to time :slight_smile: