Magic DVD Ripper?

Hi All,
Sorry if this isn’t something that should be posted here, but I was wondering if anyone had heard of or tried software called “Magic DVD Ripper”.

It claims to be able to remove any copy protection and also can split a DVD9 to two DVD’s, also main movie only or entire DVD.

Any info is appreciated. :bow:

Personally I have never heard of it, but I am more than content with DVDFab, haven’t had a DVD movie I was not able to backup (but then again, I don’t backup much)

Plus there are good free alternatives for most backups…DVD decrypter and some other tools (don’t know much about it, but those often come up here)

And I would like to know if Magic DVD Ripper also claims to remove Data protections (not just the protections used on DVD movies)…if so, I doubt that they can live up to that claim…given the current protections on DVD games and such.

Id say go for slysoft. They update their software regularly, and almost everyone on this forum reccomends it. Although it wont split 1 dvd into 2.