Magic DVD Ripper Problems

hi folks i’m new guy, just signed up. i was directed to this section with my dilemma, which is, i want to transfer video files from dvds to my hard drive. i did this with magic dvd ripper with a store bought dvd so i purchase the software only to find out that i cannot get it to transfer movies from a dvd that was burned from computer files. it does not recognize the dvd, it tells me to insert dvd. could anyone tell me if i am doing something wrong or give me a heads up on software to transfer computer made dvd info to a hard drive? any help at all will be greatly appreciated. thank you

You can give dvdfab hd decryptor a try as it a free program

If you insert the DVD in the reader/writer, can you then see the disc in Windows Explorer? Is the DVD a regular DVD with a VIDEO_TS folder or are the video files in another format?