Magic DVD Ripper help please!

Hey! I Downloaded Magic DVD Ripper &at first, it ripped it in one file &mini files…but now it will only rip in these VOB files…when I need it to be in that one file. So if someone has Magic DVD Ripper can you please help me!!!

What extension was that one file? Was it .ISO or .BIN, by chance?

If Magic DVD Ripper can rip to an “image”, that’s what you want it to do.

Personally, I would use DVD Decrypter instead of Magic DVD Ripper.

Well, I tried DVD decrypter…but IDK how to use it…it said that it’s like…not valid or it’s corrupted. How do I work with it??! Please help me!!! &Will I be able to keep it?

There are loads of Answers to your Question if you do a search…

This is for your own copy!!----put an Original DVd movie into your DVDrom drive & open Decryptor…chose “Mode”> File, then chose a folder to rip to…Once it’s ripped you then chose Shrink n Re-Author…

If you already got an ISO file the correct size, just open Decryptor n chose “Mode” ISO-Write n it will chose NERO or what ever you use for burning…can’t be simpler than that!

use a bit of common sence n do a search…GOOD LUCK.