Magic Dvd Ripper "error" help needed

hey guy i dun know is this the right place to post it or not,.

the problem is this there are some of the dvd when i start to rip using “magic dvd ripper” it stated (Error unable to to open VOB file) anyone here know what happening ? is there a protection or something ?

I obtained the following from Magic DVD Ripper website. Please go through it and see if it helps. A moderator may want to move this to a different forum (Copy Movie or Newbie).

Q: I got a read error message, what can I do?
A: The read error message means the DVD has been scratched or there is a new protection. First, please ensure you have installed the latest version of our software. You can visit to check if there is a new version released.
Secondly, please check if the surface of the DVD is clean and scratch-less. If the DVD has been scratched slightly, please click “yes” when our program prompts you to ignore read errors. And if possible, you can try to copy it from another DVD drive or computer.
If the DVD is a new released movie and you are sure it hasn’t been scratched, it may have a new copy protection. Please choose “Export ifo files …” from the File menu to export the IFO files of the DVD. Then send the exported file to We’ll attempt to fix it as soon as possible.


Hi Troy,

Is your URL the same “Magic-DVD-Ripper” as the jeff53404 referring to?



thank for the reply,
gonwk that is the program i using…is the latest version also 5.3.0

but it still can;t help…
" Then send the exported file to We’ll attempt to fix it as soon as possible."

is that the only way to solve the problem ?

is there any other dvd ripper program which is more user friendly to use ???

Yes, I was thinking about suggesting DVDFab HD Decrypter but didn’t want to overload you with information. It is regularly updated and has wide support at CDF. It is a superior product.

This free program is a ripper and will not burn. Please post back if you need additional help.

Hi folks,

  1. Actually I have an Older version of Magic DVD Ripper (MDR) … I like mine because it can Rip a DVD or a (ripped folder) into an AVI and Keep the Subtitles … let’s say yuou have a Chinese Movie qith English Subtitles … MDR is the only program that does it CORRECTLY … at least to my knowledge.

  2. As Jeff said the DVDFab is the ONLY way to go for DVD Rip … it is updated always and it can rip anything. I use to make BackUp copy of Store Bought DVDs … so the kids can play withthem … and my Originals stay unscracthed … Here are my steps …

  3. Run DVD thru DVDFab
    It gives a Folder … for example Bond21 which has a VIDOE_TS and AUDIO_TS

  4. Open DVDShrink and Run your clean VIDEO_TS thru it. Make an ISO file. Which is an Image of the movie.

  5. Burn this ISO file with Nero or any other Image Burner.

Good Luck!