Maghrebika with Bill Laswell-Arabic Trip Hop & Dub!

In a time when most new “Tribal” releases seem to be quite boring and calculable, this one proves the opposite. An absolutely fantastic and excieting Trip Hop-Dub-Electronca album comes from Maghrebika. The two Algerian lead singers are accompanied by groovy and tribal beats, flutes, violins, Oriental melodies and the massive bass of Bill Lasewll.
Five tracks do featuring the Shikhat ladies from B-Net Marrakech (who also already worked with Rachid Taha, Dar Beida 04, Cheb i Sabbah). The Arabic lyrics are about general problems in the Arabic and Islamic world, Islamophobia since 9/11, the manipulations and propaganda agaisnt Muslims, the fight for freedom in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, etc. “Neftakhir” means proud and is also meant to be a call for the young generation to be proud of their culture, identity and religion, as to reject any westernizing bondage. Maghrebika do represent a pacific Islam and are vehemently against any use of violence or terror. Check out samples on : iTunes or amazon !

sounded kinda interesting thanks