Magazine c't: Plextor postpones PX-716

The German computer magazine c’t announces a postponement of the PX-716:

Here a try of a translation (sorry for bad English):

Plextor postpones the sales start of the new 16X-DVD writers PX-716A approximately one month to the end of November/at the beginning of December. The quality control is dissatisfied with the current burning results yet; they only want to deliver the PX-716A if it supplies a good quality with the highest burning speeds too, was called from the European business center in Belgium.
With the hunt for higher speeds the burning quality drops out of the race.
As the c’t already determined in an extensive comparison test in the issue 21/04, the error rates rise clearly at speeds beyond of 12X and depend very beyond that strongly on the media and the burner model. The reasons are to high tolerances during the media manufacturing, especially in the external area of the media – which will be burned which with the highest speed – fail most highly. The burners can only insufficiently compensate or be content with slower speeds.
Due to an alleged market pressure nevertheless many manufacturers publish their 16X burners with unsatisfactory write attitudes and try to improve the write quality with later firmware updates. The mourner is the customer, who has to fight with badly readable DVDs and which risks security of its data.

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A little more information on this story can be found here:

What’s probably most important for the owners of this drive here is that Plextor is aware of the problem and is going to solve it.

Current owners of these drives can be assured that Plextor will take care of their problems and solve them.

how? by compensating hours and media burns in addition to the drive price itself??

anyway, I don’t think a month is enough to make the hardware changes. Take your time Plextor!! That will makes my third drive a rare one!! LOL

So what, is Plextor using the US for beta testing? :stuck_out_tongue:

<— baffled.

So, what happens to the people that already bought it? Will they get to exchange it for the “real” ones?

I think its good that Plextor has owned up to the problems that have been reported in these threads and is delaying the drive. What I can’t understand is how Plextor allowed such a device to go to market in the first place, particularly given the fact that it is virtually the last major mfg to have a dual layer drive :confused: BTW, the Plextor USA site says it’ll be available for pre-ordering November 8th…I guess they’ll be changing that.

Thank f**k for that! they finally pull the thumb from up there arses and decided they are going to benifit them selfs! Lets hope that they make a good effort this time and mabey we will have the “king of quality” back were the name states-> at the top!

But those of us who already have it basically have to return it and wait? A decent company would allow us to keep it until htey have a replacement.

I disapprove.

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I emailed tech support in the US to find out what was going on, and this is the reply I received:

If you are experiencing issues then we can replace the unit under warranty with our replacement units, if not then there is not an issue with the drive, are you having any issues with your unit?

He probably didn’t know the news yet. Did you send him the link in your email?

No, good idea - I’ll do that.

I called them and the sales rep had no idea what i was talking about and said the same thing, talk to a technician.

IM returning this damn thing now, I’ve lost all trust in plextor.

In my opinion you all should return the 716a to BEST BUY and get your money back. There is no guarantee the drive will be fixed with a firmware. From what I’ve read at forum it could be a hardware problem. I was excited to get this drive but I’m gonna take a backseat on this one to wait until Plextor get’s their shit together for this drive. :frowning:

A decent company would do what Plextor is doing. They could flood the market with these drives, deny there are problems then try to kludge a fix with firmware (a strategy that seems to be employed right now by a major video card manufacturer over its chip’s video capabilities), or admit there’s a problem with the hardware, hold off on the release and fix the problem.

The marketing people probably got Plextor into this position with the stores by creating a contractual obligation to deliver the drives by a specified date.

From US tech support (after I told them about the info from Europe):

Thank you, we are aware of the threads and have forwarded your concerns
to the appropriate department.

Plextor Technical Support -*

The fact that Plextor Europe released that submittal indicates that they are on the right track indeed … they finally seem to listen to their engineers instead of listening to some self-appointed marketing gurus (who seem to slowly take over any company these days) … or, at least, these marketing bigshots decided to use obvious technical facts as a means of public relations to re-gain customer’s trust … sometimes, it is all about psychology, I guess … :Z

Anyway … that is the kind of behaviour one would expect from a company that calls itself ‘king of quality’ … every manufacturer may fail or stumble from time to time (especially one with Plextor’s rather low experience in DVD writing), but only very few will have the guts to admit failure in public …

What I’d like to be told is that I can keep the drive I have and then swap it for the “official” one when that comes out. I’m a Newbie to DVD burning, and as the news report indicated maybe I wouldn’t know the difference - but to me this is just like a recall, where it just so happens that a lot of the product hasn’t been released yet. Only good news is that I used the coupon in the retail box to get 20% off the AV100U video device, which I was planning to test with the 716A this weekend.

Hope they ll fix all the problems before re-release of the drive. Not that the marketing “gurus” as you call them are interfering again with the writing quality!