MAG 22" Widescreen LCD Monitor problem

I just bought the MAG 22" LCD Monitor from BestBuy, it works on it’s native resolution (1680x1050), but there’s no way I can play games at that resolution with my 7600GT, so I used 960x600 resolution instead. Here’s the problem, the bottom of the game sreen is cut off. There’s no way of adjusting it to where I can see the whole game screen. It’s not just with GTR2, I tried TDU, it has the same problem.

Is there anyway to fix this? If now I guess I’ll have to return it. As for driver I’m using the Nvidia 93.81_forceware_winxp2k_english driver. I also installed the monitor drivers that came with the monitor. Still no go. Any ideas? Thanks.

I also found out that it seems like my monitor doesn’t recognize the 960x600 resolution. Here’s a picture showing that.

INSTEAD of changing the resolution of your monitor (by right clicking on the desktop), change the resolution of the game.

Leave your monitor resolution alone. Leave it at native res 1680x1050.

Go into the game and select =>OPTIONS. then into video settings. Change in game setting rather than changing the display properties in windows.

make sense?

Same thing happens as my first picture. The bottom part of the game is cut off if I set the option in the game. And when I set the resolution to 960x600 in game, the monitor still recognize it as 800x600.

Does anyone else have a widescreen monitor? Can you try out if 960x600 works for you, if it does, please tell me the brand. Thanks.

Check the manual under Preset Timing Modes if the MAG supports 960x600. Perhaps not and that’s why it reverted to 800x600.

Try either 1152 x 864 or 1280 x 960, set it in the game settings.

My monitor is a 20.1 inch wide screen, and I dont have the option to switch to 960x600.

Actually 960x600 is a very odd/rare resolution which I highly doubt many monitors can cope with, why not run a rather stock/more common resolution?

FWIW I have a 22" widescreen and I don’t get the 960x600 option on Win XP but I do in Vista. It works but it looks terrible.:Z I would take the advice from above. Even if you get that resolution working you are going to have poor video game quality at that resolution.

I’m Afraid you gota Buy a NEW Graphics card that will use that Monitor…1680-1050 is the Screen Res n Nothing else…If your Graphics card uses that Screen Res with no probs n the Game Won’t, then ya gota Forget that Game…These Monitors only work in those screen res they come with as far as i know…Unless someone pops in to correct me. Though it’s probably the GAME that won’t work at that Res…

Yeah, I think I’m going to have to get a better card. Is the 7900GS a good choice? What about the ATi 1950GT? I’m going to play 1440x900 with it. I’ve found a 7900GS KO for $130 AR, and the 1950GT for $115 AR on Newegg. Are those good prices? Please post or pm me a link if I can get it for cheaper. And between those two cards, which one would you choose? I have ECS KN1 Lite motherboard which has a Nvidia NF4 chipset, would the 7900GS KO perform better on it? Thanks.

Will I have problem running an ATi x1950GT on my ECS KN1 Lite (NF4 chipset) mobo? I’m really thinking about getting the x1950GT. Thanks for the replies.

I was almost decided on the X1950GT 512mb after seeing some benchmarks at higher res, but someone on another forums suggest the 8600GT, is that a better card? Compared to the X1950GT 512MB? I will overclock bother cards (air cooling). Will the 8600GT at least keep up with the X1950GT? If both cards performs the same, I would go 8600GT for the DX10 support, although it’s not a high priority, DX10 support is still nice. And would new games like Crysis and Hellgate London be able to run on DX9? Thanks.

I can’t help you on these graphics cards I’m afraid…They all be too New for me n I don’t play games…DX9c is the Highest from Microsoft so far.
Good Luck

Page 5 on this reviewwill give you some comparisons if you care to dig through it. As far as I know they have held the 8600 series to 256 Mb of on board memory.:slight_smile:

I bought the X1950GT 512mb and it’s running great now. I can run most games on 1440x900 and TDU on 1280x768 with HDR on. Right now I oc’d my card to 654/661 (core/mem). So I’m pretty happy with it. From what I heard, most of the new games will be DX9 and DX10 compatible, so I don’t have to worry about it for a while, and DX10.1 is coming soon, so even if I got the 8600GT, I’ll have to upgrade when that becomes the standard. Anyways, thanks for the replies.