Mafiaboy out on bail

I just posted the article Mafiaboy out on bail.

Source: Yahoo

A 16-year-old computer hacker accused of paralyzing Web sites of CNN, Yahoo! and (news - web sites) was released on bail Tuesday after promising the judge he would…

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maybe as a security agent

… a job at lol

hes supposed to split the normal mails from the junk mails … =)

-=[DC]=-ViRuZ …

p.s. : seems to be that i`ve suffered from the mad cow disease already moooooooohh

talkin too much shit … =)

Here in montreal canada, the article says that he works at a restaurant.

if you punish him, you are wasting one great mind. this is the sort of time when you would hope that these companies would forgive him and ask him how he did it, hey that has got to be one useful friend! there is no way you can keep this guy down!

Great mind? I thought they were lame ass DoS attacks…

They were lamer attacks, anyone who knows how to download a .exe file could have done it

It does sound like he broke into may computers to do the attacks though.

hooper_jake, why did’nt you do it if it’s soooo easy ???, mabye you are lame ??? or don’t you dare ???