Mafia or gta3?

whats everyone think? which game is better? mafia or gta3?

p.s. i hope mr. b doesnt delete my thread and makes it into a poll. :bigsmile: :stuck_out_tongue:

lataz everyone.

GTA3 definately. I’ve played both for a long amount of time.

Mafia is just too time-consuming. I mean, have you played the 2nd level? God, I hate driving 30 minutes straight at 30 MPH! I think a lot of you will agree. Mafia is probably aimed at more mature players with a lot of time, but I don’t think that these type of people play games anyways.

GTA3 always has action. As well as an arcade edge to it. You are always moving speedily.

Mafia could’ve become a great game IMHO but trying to make a GTA3-type game in 1930’s just doesn’t work: time just doesn’t move as fast back then.

mafia for sure… its so much fun when you get past the race mission… you can speed in mafia, just use the radar to see if there are any cop cars around you…

Never played Mafia… I played GTA3 for a while (PS2) and I really liked the game…

So my vote goes to GTA3!