Maestro question

I have an NTSC XviD I wanna convert to DVD-R.

If I select PAL output in Maestro will I get the so-called “1 second stutter”?
In fact, does anyone know if I will run into any problems doing this?


if you don’t convert it to pal…you can get problems

try to convert a small part with tmpgenc or cce

I’ve never authored an NTSC movie as PAL in Maestro to see what would happen. Hmm… not sure what would happen, I’m sure it is DVD Player depandant though.

UPDATE: You cant import an NTSC movie into a PAL Maestro setup or the otherway around. It complains and stops.

if i remember correctly…it will not allow it…

but i am not sure…never try it

i think you should look at your hardware first…if it allws both ntsc and pal…then don’t convert it