Madonna launches new anti piracy campaign, swears to music pirates

I just posted the article Madonna launches new anti piracy campaign, swears to music pirates.

If you’re a big artist and you need some
publicity, then why not speak out about music pirates? Madonna, still to be
considered one of the main popstars of the world has done this, and…

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In the case of Madonna, I must agree. What the **** ARE you doing? Your wasting bandwidth that’s what. You should be ashamed of yourself. The only thing worse is attending one of her “films”. That wastes money. :B

Ok another millionaire who just don’t get it. Now I’ll probably go download it just to spite her:B

Just 'cos she managed to prevent her album getting widely on the net prior to release, so has the revenues anyway. Has anyone got a copy of the spoof file - I’d Love to hear it! Nothing like laying down the gauntlet - does anyone reckon it will have any effect?

I heard of the spoof files a couple of days ago… and went right to kazaa to find out… :slight_smile: It appears that there are versions of several songs but the length is the only difference. Also interesting: I analysed the word fuck in cool edit and realized that the ck is edited away… but it still sounds like fuck. And by the way was anyone on between the 19th and 20th? Someone had hacked the site and one could download the Madonna-American_Life-CDA-2003-wAx release and several other things with full speed. :-)))) In your face Madonna!

“Ok another millionaire who just don’t get it. Now I’ll probably go download it just to spite her” Uhm… whats to get? The reason she’s a millionaire and you have to pirate to get the stuff you want is because she’s talented enough to attract the right people to protect her interests. Whats to get about not wanting someone running amock giving away or selling my works without compensating me? What a twisted world you live in. If you pirate, fine, but at least acknowledge that you pirate, that its wrong, and that you don’t care about rules. But then, when someone steals your car, don’t bitch, they’re just following in your footsteps.

I am a pirate, breaking a law that was written by a lobbying group (RIAA?) is breaking a law someone paid to have put in place. The fact someone can become a millionaire from selling music show how twisted our society is. I believe a teacher is worth more to our society then some pop star. The music industry is the villain here, not the people who make the music and not the people who listen to the music. With the internet there is no need for the middle man. Madonna has every right to protect her works from the world I’d prefer she kept then safe in her head and not let them out at all…

I just checked my mp3 database… I have some 5000 mp3s when i put all my albums together… believe it or not i delete a lot before it comes into my albums folder… what i really like, i buy… that’s like an average of 4 cd’s a month, and that i think is way more than the average person who just downloads whats in the charts (to the riaa: those people wouldn’t buy anything anyways, even without the internet) I just used the search function on my hd and to my surprise the only madonna songs i have are the fake ones where she says fuck… even though i have a lot of 80’s hits. Take this riaa, my favourite bands of the past 2 years i would have never known without groups releaseing mp3’s… so fuck you. And remember it’s about the musik! Popsatrs work exclusivly with an image. I’m not denying images of people and bands though.

onlinetracker I never said I was not somewhat of a thief. I do steal a bit but I 90% of the time buy it if I like it. It’s just that if you go against the fans like she is doing your just going to have backlash. It’s kind of like protesting a movie or something. People are going to go see it just to see what it’s about. Most probably would not of ever gone to see it if you had not brought it to their attention. It’s best for a musician to keep quiet and keep tight wraps on their cd till it’s release date. Figure out how to work with the future not just fight it because your not gonna win. Examples of bands who “get it” Godsmack kept the price of their cd down. I got it for 8.88 and they had to fight the record company to keep the price down. White Stripes. Only preleased on vinyl. Did not work but they did not bitch to much. They kept recording cost down as well. I bought their new one for 9.99 . IceT released his new album on Kaza for 5 bucks. I downloaded and paid for it even though it sucks. I did so because he is trying to work with the future. Bands like Linkin Park who allow their 37min cd to sell for 19 bucks don’t get it. I won’t support that. Korn spent multi millions recording their last then bitch because they did not make enough money. I don’t want to pay for their extravagant cost( rent houses out of town, limos, Stripper poles in the rent houses ect). Buy what is worth it I say and I agree don’t just steal everything. I own 700 cds. I don’t buy as many because I try before I buy thus weeding out the crap. Many bands deserve support. O and when metallica comes out I will be downloading it and sharing it not to mention burning 50 copies to give away just to make a statement. I own at least 5 of their cds but they don’t get it either.:S

Rember when it was shareing and not stealing when and even madonna supported napster. She said that it was a good way to promote new arites and now when i go to share she curises at me. What is this supposte to do if people are stealing her stuff screaming at them and telling them to Fuck off these ppl are go to stop downloading her stuff and go and buy her CD? I don’t think so.

If I have my car for sale for $10,000 and someone makes an exact duplicate of my car they certainly aren’t stealing MY CAR, and I’m not going to tell people I just “lost” $10,000. In fact, I wish I could say I lost everything I never received, think of the tax benefits!

Onlinetracker. What you say is true. But we are applying pressure to the industry. A lot of folks think that THEY are the pirates. We all know we are being overcharged. In fact, I am due, along with many others, a rebate from the price fixing scam that the recording industry recently lost. Ask yourself, why is a half filled cd from lets say Elton John- Tumbleweed Connection 18 bucks, when I will soon be able to buy a DVD loaded with a multimillion dollar movie called Matrix Reloaded for about the same price? They are as guilty as we are. The courts have said as much. Take away the online trading (which is what the RIAA wants) and we are powerless.

I donno… I got a hot flash when those lips uttered " What the fuck do you think you’re doing ? ". I hope her mother washes her mouth out with soap! Any way, I dont think this will help her sales much as I had to download the whole album from Kazaa before I found her voice…probably got 15 or 20 good songs before I got my first Madonna.:d

Madonna Schmybottom, WHO CARES! She did what she had to do, got her millions and now has to find other ways to get into the news cause she is a HAS BEEN! She’s old and crusty and I never liked her music in the first place! Janet Jackson deserves more flavor than this washed up brunette, blonde, redheaded… who knows what color she is- she probably dies all the proof too…I buy what I like and I sample to buy…if P2P networks cut down sales well so be it cause I’m tired of the top price CD with only one hit on it! Maybe we need to turn in a receipt evry time we download to the cashier when we buy an album we like to prove that we have tested before we bought it…hmmm…would that prove the true meaning of file sharing to the RIAA? Probably not because there are still the selfish! I pity the selfish!

Crabby, so, what you’re saying is that, because some thing is overpriced, whether it’s legal or not, it justifies you’re going out and pirating/stealing it? If that’s your logic, why stop there? Why only do it online? Why not walk into a record store and just take it off the shelf and walk out? I don’t necessary agree with what the RIAA or the MPAA is doing, but, it’s a business. You’re not entitled or obligated to buy their product. It’s not like you’re buying a necessity. Yeah, the record industry is wrong for price fixing, and they’ll be punished for it. That’s what the courts are for. As for the argument that the artists are getting ripped off by the record companies, so it’s ok to steal from them. Hey, it’s a business. They signed a contract. Noone forced them to it. No one forced them to sign a lousy record deal that pays them a mear fraction of what they deserve. They had a choice. Either sign under the terms they did, or they cant not sign. It’s up to them. Do I think they deserve more, sure I do. But, that’s life. It’s not like these artists don’t make any money at all. They make their millions on the tours and concert. The way I see it, CDs are a marketing expense for the artist. They make close to nothing on their sale, but it gets their ‘sounds’ into the public. If you like them, you’ll go see their concert. One last point. by not buying the artist’s cd, how are you helping them get their just due from the record companies. What little royalties due them, they don’t get cause you don’t buy their record.
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Ok, I don’t care who you are, if your friend buys a brand new car, and to get one all you had to do was make a copy of it. I don’t think anyone in the world is gonna call themselves a car theif. If someone stole my car I’d be pissed. but like I said, if someone made a copy of it, I wouldn’t give a rats ass. Yeah, the car manufactor would go out of business. But yet again I find myself not giving a rats ass. I wish everything would go out of business. Then people may realize how fucking stupid they are passing around green paper thinking their actually getting something done.

Bane. Yes I get your point. However, I would never go into a store and shoplift an album, go figure. This same argument came along when cassette recorders were provided and then videocassets. People then as now, take advantage of the available technology. They will record something so they can play it back later when they want to. Now instead of just TV or radio it’s the internet. Also the fact that it is digital, does not degrade and can’t at this point be protected. I don’t think it can be stopped. I agree, the RIAA stance is ineffective. Probably counter-productive.
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Madonna??..talented???..(onlinetracker 22/4/03)…If I had to use a word to describe madonna… (over 4 letters)… it would be…“different”…this thing pays to promote herself 'cos her music and movies don’t do it for her…and this latest stunt is nothing new…for years I’ve been saying…madonna…“what the fuck are you doing”…:X

chsbiking, yeah, I would agree with you on that, as long as you weren’t taking something that belonged to someone else. If you could make/copy the car from materials that you owned, I’d say no problem. The car in of itself isn’t protected. It’s just steal and plastic. When you buy music, you’re not buying the cd, you’re buying the content. You’re buying the creative product of the artist. That is what they are selling, it’s not the piece of plastic that it comes from. Sure, you’re legally allowed to make copies for ‘YOUR’ own use. Not the use of others. Think of it this way, you right a novel, you publish the book, you get paid when the book is sold to someone. You livelihood depended on those book sales. Your book that you sell comes with a disclaimer saying that no portions of the book may be copied or altered into some other form without your permission. Some punk ass kid like you takes the book, photocopies it, and starts giving it away to people. Don’t tell you wouldn’t care about it.