Madonna grooves with MP3 release - offers MP3 single for $ 1.49

I just posted the article Madonna grooves with MP3 release - offers MP3 single for $ 1.49.

Madonna, still considered
one of the biggest female artists from the latest decades has released her
latest single to the internet. Her single was made available to fans for $1.49

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Actually .49 is reasonable for a non DRM MP3. I don’t like Madonna :r

Go Madonna! Hopefully more artists will follow this example - I would not mind buying a song that way. Hm, how do one prove it is a legal mp3 file?

actually, madonna’s site is asking for $1.49 for the mp3. NOT very reasonable imo

it’s asking for one dollar 49 cents…

No joke fellows, it most definately is one dollar and forty nine cents, that’s hardly a steal in anyway. Atleast it is DRM free, which is a step in the right direction.
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“Madonna is selling her new antiwar single, “American Life”” I don’t like it when VIPs try to be idealistic. What the hell do Madonna and Susan Sarandon know about politics or any other serious matters?! If they are earnest, it’s bad enough, because they don’t know what they are talking about, their arguments are all flawed and they are making things rather worse. But in most cases they just do some criticism to increase their popularity. advertisement they get for free. People are not dying in Iraq so that Madonna can get more publicity. Just stay with your consumerist crap music, Madonna, and let intellectuals handle the serious issues. Your “help” is neither needed nor appreciated
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Brilliantly put WRFAN! You can say the same for Michael Moore - the little arse-wipe director who does not know a thing about war. I reckon most war protesters are afraid of casualty or afraid to die! Either way, we are not going to resolve the problem by just ignoring it and hope it goes away! Well 9-11 proved that it does not go away! Fact: War always include casualties. Fact: If u demonstrate becase u r afraid, then be more afraid when rogue countries starts producing minute nuclear, biological or chemical weapons and starts selling dem on the flea market to the terrorist. :d Anyway, CDFreaks is about technology not war. I would not buy Madonna even if it’s given away for free – simply because I despise Pop crap! But people have said Madonna still sings better than Britney Spears. Who cares!..:7

well said WRFan The only way I would listen to her music or inane utterances was if my ears were painted on…:7

No offense, but what has 11-9 got to do with Iraq? From what I can see Michael Moore knows a hell of a lot more about the issues than you do. Also, it is quite possible that Madonna is really against war and not just trying to cash in. Her music still sucks though and I would neither buy it nor download it for free.

celtic_druid: Do u understand English? Did I explicitly said 9-11 is linked to Iraq? Read my earlier comments again! And yes, Michael Moore don’t know shit about war and neither do u – judging from your response! Have u or Moore ever lived under an oppresive regime who controls the populace using military force and the secret police? I have! Until u or Moore have personally experienced this don’t respond to something u don’t even understand. Remember, Tianmen Square and what happened to the Chinese students who wants democracy? Maybe u lived in a country that provided u with Democracy that u r so naive about what other people r going thru daily. Just one piece of advice celtic_druid: the next time u opened your trap and shit r coming out of mouth, make sure you really know the topic and have real life experience that can back up your statement. You r not 1 of Susan Sarandon’s supporters r u? Anyway - CDFreaks is about technology NOT war! Capise?!

Its amazing that people think others are stupid if they don’t agree with them. Michael and Madonna most likely know as much as you do about things, but just don’t see things your way. It doesn’t make them stupid. Perhaps you have a lemming mentality, just following along. I’m not going to state an opinion one way or the other about the war, but I’m not a fan of ignorance.

GezusK: I’ll add you to the list of IDIOTS who don’t understand war! This is not about war in Iraq - it’s about all wars! I guess u too have not lived and escaped from the oppresive regime! Go figure! U R ignorant! Wants to know how ignorant u really r, tried to live under an oppresive regime for a while. Let me know what u think afterwards! Countries available are: Iraq, China, and some South American countries. Take your pick. Don’t blame me if u don’t come out alive mentally and physically. I guess the Allies should have ignored the Jewish plight in WW2 huh? No. It’s because of war, that the Jewish people were able to survive extinction! If people had protested against WW2, there won’t be an Israel nation now. Quote: “…I’m not a fan of ignorance.” - oh but u r! My only wish is for the Iraqis to have self-rule after this conflict - not another American puppet state - and finally, yes finally, people rules not the military or the secret police!

I think that you better go back and read what you said again. You refer to the war against Iraq as a problem that will not go away by ignoring it and then refer to the 11-9 incident as evidence of this therefore linking the two. If that is not what you meant then you were simply trying to mislead people. Stick to the relevant facts. Oh, I now see you bringing up all kinds of other tragedies, events, etc.; these have nothing to do with the issues at hand. Or even better the actual news item. Remember this is about Madonna charging to download an mp3? You are correct; I do not live under an oppressive regime… However if I did, I would not want the US or anyone else coming in to overthrow it, especially when they used to support the same regime and are only using the whole situation as an excuse to cover up their real reasons for the war. I am not afraid to die, but that doesn’t mean I want to go out and die fighting a war that should not be. Taken from Michael Moore’s letter to the president: 'As Bill Maher said last week, how bad do you have to suck to lose a popularity contest with Saddam Hussein?" No one here is claiming that Saddam is a good bloke or that he doesn’t deserve to pay for the some of the things he has done. I am sure you will reply with some more ignorant crap, but none of this has a place here so don’t expect me to respond.

Quote: “I think that you better go back and read what you said again. You refer to the war against Iraq as a problem that will not go away by ignoring it and then refer to the 11-9 incident as evidence of this therefore linking the two…Stick to the relevant facts.” You must be really dumb if you can’t understand English! Read my Reaction Posted by icepax on 27 March 2003 - 07:53. If u r dumb and blind let me converted this bit from my response for you in uppercase: “DID I EXPLICITLY SAID 9-11 IS LINKED TO IRAQ?” Everybody knows the Iran-Iraq affair – just like every body knows the Taliban – Russian affair. But if this is all you know, then u r NOT qualified to discuss this topic. Like I said before (and for the last time), until u have lived under an oppresive regime then u don’t understand. American diplomocay since WW2 has not been great and Iraq is one of the many problems occur in the aftermath. But if the people of Iraq wants the chance for democracy (like the countries in which u and GezusK live in), then they need someone to help them. I don’t care who helped them as long as at the end of this conflict – there is a free Iraq – one that’s not controlled by America and its people are free (without being intimidated by fear or suppression) to vote for a new country. What the Americans, the French, the Russian, etc want…quite frankly, I don’t give a F**K! Where I came from people treasure freedom more than their lives! If u have lived in this environment then u would know why the Iraqis want to see da end of dictatorship (ask Chileans about Pinochet). So, if u want to (directly or indirectly) support anti-war campaign then talks to the Coalition govts or to the Americans – not to me! Because u r wasting my time on issue u don’t understand…simple as that.

Ain’t war hell? Getting back to the point, it’s a high profile artist seemingly embracing MP3. That can’t be a bad thing, even if you don’t like Madonna or her music.

strange… did Madonna’s mp3 cause the war in Irak??? didn’t know that

My final comment on this topic is that because of democracy, I’m able for instance write comments like this in CDFreaks forum. If I do this back home, I won’t see my family again! Apology to CDFreaks for matter-of-fact responses on my part. But when idiots spout bullshit about things they don’t understand – they just asking for a nasty reponse! But there’s a certain point I won’t go beyond – and that is when IDIOCY passed beyond the point of SENSIBILITY – then I’m just wasting my time explaining to these idiots! Thanks to NEEPHEID for bringing us back to normalcy!

Hey celtic_druid…everybody is afraid to die… Old saying… “there are no aethiests on a battlefield” now if madonna and her ilk ie high priced plastic singers and shitty movie stars…went over and got shot, wouldn’t that possibly make room on the ladder for a bit of talent…:7

on this topic of war war all i can sy is it is good that there are attempts being made to break down these dictatorship leaders; we are not living in the 13th century anymore; people are not legally going around chopping heads off anymore; so why should we tolerate such inhumane actions in other countries even though they are directly affecting us. just think if it was you who were locked down in iraq with no tv station except what the government wanted u to see. welcome to the real world; ice pax deefinetly has good points referring to these issues: all i can say is its a tough job but someones gotta do it; if it werent for people taking a stand like bush is doing and like in instances in ww2 where would we be today; GezusK and celtic_driud you probably wouldnt even have a computer to type on let alone be alive and have the ideas that free speech has allowed u to have on these forums; its unfortunate yet we have to protect democracy and freedom from such threats; don’t take your car parked outside the garage for granted cos it could as easily be swept away as easily as you got it; we are not that invulnerable. people like saddam are just waiting in the shadows to whisk all that away… :8