Madness in this burning world

After my post and 2 months testing Nec nd-3500 the conclusion of this nightmare is:
sure there are even worse burner around but my Nec still sucks and madness live in all our mind.
People spend many hours just trying to avoid problems but they never go away. Software, firmware, settings, all kind of things can be read about solving problems. When u think a solution arrive another prob arise.
I’m frustrated and unhappy not only for my burner not working as expected but mainly reading all people who keep working hard to try to find solutions.
There’s so many good things to do in this world instead of dual layering dvds and thats what I’ll do from now on.
I don’t even care about telling u how many things are wrong with my burner, u can look how many post are here to understand that another one do not make any difference.
Just stop a moment and think what are u doing.
U are so happy to have purchased for only 60(?) euro a 16x dvd DL burner but how many hours it steal from ur life and how many delusions it brings u?
No, my research is over, I’ll uninstall this crap from my system and keep my old good Gygabyte who isn’t DL enabled but what it do is right, without problems and it let me work and live in a better way.
Bye Bye madness

My head is spinning after reading your posts. You are correct. life is more then DL burning although now I don’t even know the reason I bought the nec3500 drive.

Finally, you said what I am thinking all the time when these issues come up. Are these “toys” worth the anger and frustration that we bring on ourselves and even OTHERS(!) when they don’t work right? I think not. In 6 months to a year from now these things will seem so obsolete and minimal. Lets all relax and take a deep breath, take our hands off the keyboards and go and hug your kid(s)! :iagree:

what’s that you say??? i can’t hear you over the deafening roar of my 2 nec 2500s 1 nec 3500, liteon 1633s and 48161h running at top speed ripping/ burning and watching stuff all at the same time… you should search the internet… i would normally suggest but they do not have ANY dvdburners… sorry

After spending so much time trying to recover from an official firmware patch, all I can say is that I agree with you. I tried all these crossflashes in hope that maybe they could raise my drive from the grave, but after all was said and done, the drive still does not work with any DVD. CD works perfectly in raed and write. DVDs not. And restoring the firmware to the original backup firmware does not work :frowning:
Even if my DVD±RW did work again, I read here about which media is needed for which drive, etc…
What a waste of time - this is defnitely an immature sector of technology.
I think I’m instlling a new IDE hard drive instead for backups… and maybe a new DVD reader-only for software.
:confused: :confused: :confused:

Regardless if they work or not , we spend to much time on these “things” I think at some point we need to give our heads a shake. Get some fresh air, and remember that we have humans to interact with too!!! :eek:

Put one in the ‘10 minute install 4 months ago, absolutely no problems, best burner ever and buying another for my other machine’ column please.

Best way to avoid problems with DVD-Burners:

  1. Make sure you have a reasonable machine that can support it
  2. Use an 80 Pin Ultra ATA 66/100/133 IDE Cable - I’d stay away from round cables
  3. No matter the chipset - default to the stock MS IDE Drivers
  4. Make sure Ultra DMA Mode 2 (Not Multi Word DMA 2) is set in Device Manager and your BIOS has it enabled properly
  5. Defrag the hard drives often!
  6. If you only have one DVD-Burner, I’d have it as Master, let any other cd-burner, dvd-rom drive, etc as the Slave on that channel.
  7. Want problem free burning? Start with a media brand like Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Maxell, Verbatim or Fuji. Most burners are compatible with these brands no matter what media codes they are running. It’s worth the extra cost - media like e3works is garbage.
  8. Cross-check your DVD Player on to see what media other people have reported it playing. It’s generally a good list, sometimes your player won’t show up and others will have loads of comments. But it’s generally at least some sort of a reference point.
  9. BenQ firmwares seem to be good - if you flash I’d use the .cvt files and WinDWFlash from the unofficial site. I really don’t trust the purebred executable flashers at all.
  10. My NEC has absolutely loved the Mad Dog 2.FA SE firmware. Only thing special about this firmware is that it is RPC-1 and Riplock has been removed. No special hacks or write strats, just stock Mad Dog firmware otherwise but it’s very solid from what I can tell.
  11. When flashing firmwares, and using a Windows flash program, make sure there is no media in the drive when flashing and I’d run it in Safe Mode.

Did I miss anything? :slight_smile: Anyway, happy burning and good luck! Otherwise, it’s quite potential you’ve just happened to get unlucky and got a bad drive. Hey, bad pieces of hardware happen from time to time - it’s the nature of the computer business. Just go with it and learn from it and replace it. :slight_smile:

You’re missing the point of the thread, I think, anyway, that it doesnt matter if they work or not.

And how am I missing the point of the thread? If we listen to you two then DVD-Burners are evil entities and we should not use them because they waste so much time! I don’t waste time on my drives anymore, I know what media works with them, I know what to expect from them pretty much and they just do what they are supposed to like any other piece of computer hardware. Those steps above are what I did after reading the forums for awhile to make sure my computer could run a DVD-Burner properly. I started with a Lite-On 451S and while it had its share of problems (bad drive from factory) it worked, kinda. Then after moving to my NEC ND2510A I really haven’t had a problem since then.

Now you’re getting carried away.

DVD recording technology is still relatively new, and there are a lot of issues with most new technologies. That’s why the forums are here and in use - to help others through those growing pains with things that we’ve discovered for ourselves, and to pass on things that we’ve learned from others. Hopefully, some of our information will be sufficient to significantly reduce the time that others will need to put in.

As I see it you have a few choices:

  1. Stay away from this technology for a couple more years until its evolution is complete and it’s stable. In my opinion CD recording technology is in that state right now.

  2. Take the time to research and understand some of the issues by reading up on them on the various forums and learn how to avoid them. That way new situations won’t blindside you.

  3. Drives are very cheap right now, and the competition is fierce. Why spend a lot of time trying to work around one manufacturer’s problems when you can buy a working alternative? If it works, then this is a very fast solution.

By the way, Braxas - in my opinion that was a thorough and excellent post.

Yes it was. :iagree:


My BenQ DW1620 isn’t noisy when reading audio discs. But, this is the NEC forum so I probably shouldn’t have mentioned that (he hee). :slight_smile:

Celadus, I read your post and tried quite a few Audio CD’s in my NEC with official f/w 2.18 and found the drive didn’t make any noise while playing them? My LED flashes as you described, it’s not regular so it must be caching the audio, the CD’s play fine and I can’t hear any noise from my NEC. The only noise I hear is the usual case fan noise, and ejecting the CD from the NEC while it’s playing does not alter the noise.

Sorry your not happy with your NEC, I love mine as it’s never burned a coaster yet, but if your not happy then simply just get rid of it and try something else!

Braxas I’m sorry but u are the perfect rapresentative of madness around.
Only 11 basic rules for all of us? Nice start…
Thanks for ur good heart but I’m not searching solutions anymore, don’t post to suggest another one please, don’t waste ur time 4 me, go to other thread and help others who wanna play this crazy game.
This waste of time is only crazy and no doubt is difficult for someone to understand why.
I was just trying to suggest other people (the one with the head still on the neck) to stay away from frustration and enjoy life in a better way.
What I must tell u if ur madness can understand it is that no other piece of hardware (cpu, mem, hdd, vga, sound, m/b, floppy, psu, chipset, controller,…) is so full of potential problems like these crappy burners and relative stuff.
But maybe this is just fun 4 u, for me not at all.
If it is I can’t imagine how u live or survive in this world.
My intention is not to insult u just try to help u in a different way.
I started this thread here b/c I own a Nec nd-3500, I have posted only here before and there isn’t a forum dedicated to mad people … maybe we can open one together…
Anyone interested to join the club?

Just in case someone misunderstand me:
I love forums, they help a lot, I’ll always thanks all people involved in trying to find solutions.
My favourite hero is Parsifal if u know what I mean…
I’m just sorry for all the frustration this technology bring to all of us, this madness is not caused by people hard working on problems but by manufacturers and company related to this world, unfortunately they never listen to our needs they’re only busy to influence our mind (they tell u what ur needs are) and sell us next piece of crap instead of working together for our safety and pleasure…if ur not masochist…