Made some game iso backups but : (

i made some iso backups. i burned them to a cd and then i installed the game. Everything went well but when i tried to play the game it keeps asking to insert game cd in the disc tray. for some reason it dose not read the back up. when i put the original disc it load the game normally. Whats going on?


This is because you have failed to copy the disc properly.

The first thing to do is to scan your CD’s with ARAY Scanenr to determin the copy protection that is on them. From there a quick search will help you out.

what do i do after i scanned disk?

Well… download alcohol… or mount a mini image.

Alcohol can make the disk think its still got the protection, and so make it think its the original disk. However this cost money. So what you could do is just save the iso as data on a disk, an mount it to a virtual drive.

i did mount it to a virtual drive, i have an extra one and still wants the disk

and i used Alcohol

Try using daemon tools. Go here and you’ll find what you need.