Made in Vietnam Soon

Ritek, the second largest Taiwan-based maker of optical discs, will, in line with its overall adjustment in production, shift some of its blank CD-R and DVD+R/-R disc manufacturing equipment from Taiwan-based factories to those of Ritek Vietnam, its subsidiary in Vietnam, according to a company filing with the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) on August 3.

The shift will be through Ritek’s sale of manufacturing equipment to its wholly owned overseas subsidiary Score High Group for US$34.560 million, the current book value of the equipment. Score High will then resell the equipment to Ritek Vietnam, Ritek spokesman Eric Ai indicated.

Having begun production in the third quarter of 2006, Ritek Vietnam currently has a monthly capacity of 20 million CD-R discs plus three million DVD+R/-R discs, Ai pointed out. The additional manufacturing equipment will approximately double existing monthly capacity enabling Ritek Vietnam to supply fast growing markets in Southeast Asia, such as Thailand and Malaysia, as well as India and current main markets in Europe, Ai noted.

In addition to Ritek, CMC Magnetics, the largest Taiwan-based maker of optical discs, had its subsidiary maker in Thailand start production of blank CD-R discs in the third quarter of 2006, and production of DVD+R/-R discs is to begin in the second half of 2007, according to industry sources. Gigastorage, a second-tier optical disc maker in Taiwan, has also set up a subsidiary in Thailand, with production of blank CD-R discs having kicked off in May 2007, and that of DVD+R/-R discs to begin in the fourth quarter, the sources indicated.

Hopefully this means that we will actually have Ritek that burn well globally?

I hope these new factories produce decent media, period. Not worried about Gigastorage [or whatever], just want to not worry when I see “Made in Vietnam” for Ritek discs. The same goes for the CMC Thai discs. CMC Taiwan has been both good and great for me.

So what is CMC Taiwan and Ritek Taiwan going to be doing? Laying off people or switching to HD formats?


Wonder wtf verbatim will do… don’t they get their discs made by prodisc and CMC? If CMC moves production, verb may be only made from Prodisc.

Let’s get this out of the way now:

MIV = Made in Vietnam

MITh = Made in Thailand

Verbatim is already outsourcing to MBI in India :a

Now , we would soon see MIE media (Made In Egypt!) :bigsmile:

Is MIE going to be a good thing or bad thing?

LOL, I was thinking to post the same thing when I read the OP, but you got there first :bigsmile:

I’d like to see Ritek leaving the optical media market. We don’t need more crap media produced.

really MIE? who makes media in Egypt


Beware… it might be a Pyramid scheme! :bigsmile:

And don’t forget MIM as there is Made In Malaysia or Made In Mexico? :doh: :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw some Mexico media at KMart but i don’t remember what brand it was :doh:

Mexico media? At KMart? All Wal-Mart has is Taiwanese Memorex/TDK/Maxell/Sony and occassionally Verbatim…you lucky devil. lol

A bad thing of course :a

We only excells at making BluRay and HDDVD media

j/k :bigsmile:

Seriously , I don’t think that media producing should have left Japan in the first place . Japan = Quality , that is what I’ve learnt from experience :slight_smile:

Lol@ DM’s Pyramid scheme

@nekrosoft13 : Nobody is making media in Egypt and nobody will :wink:

Your avatar shows you are sugar footed? Two guys kissing?

I, oddly enough, can’t wait to see all of these origins start popping up in stores. MIE and MIV sound promising to me, if the manufacturers can get the new start done right.

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No need for PM. It’s either yes or no.

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And you would still be paying $10 a disc :cool: