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Hey guys. I need your help on a small matter. Before I joined this forum I have not heard of that epitome of quality otherwise known as Taiyo Yuden whatsoever. After reading it I got impressed and hoped down to my local computer mall. I can get a really wide selection there, ranging from Sony and Ricoh to unknown brands like Melody, A1pro and Zio :confused:

Now my problem is, I was told that the easiest way to tell whether the quality of media is good is to look for the country of manufacture. Supposedly “Made in Japan” is the best, as I have also read from the Taiyo Yuden FAQ here. “Made in Singapore” was recommended as well from another webpage I read, as MCCs are supposed to be made here. (I live in Singapore BTW).

So while I was picking up various spindles of different sizes and brands looking for these two country tags, I found that every single media was ubiquitously “Made in Taiwan”! Even the Sonys and Verbatims were made in Taiwan as well.

Is this new? While reading around this forum I seem to have gained the impression that Verbatim and Sonys tend to be “Made in Japan”. Has anyone tried out the quality of these Taiwanese made media?

Sorry for the long post, and also if this has been answered before. :o


Verbatims made in Taiwan is all I see here in the US. They have been great for me
and others so you should feel safe buying them. I wouldn’t buy Sony Made in Taiwan thought.


Over here in the UK, the majority of Sony media is MIT. While not brilliant, it’s not terrible, either. Average, I’d say.

There’s some in-depth discussion on here about Prodisc/CMC MIT Verbs…I’ve had some excellent burns with the CMC variety. :slight_smile:


TY media is next to impossible to get in Singapore now. Ever since Z-nix sold out of their Fujifilm TY discs around October last year and Popular bookstore cleared off most of their stock of the same discs, TYs are really hard to get.

There is a lot of MIT media around, and that is pretty much what is happening around the world. However, if you still want TY discs, here are a few tips :

  • The Disc Shop in SLS (2nd floor) has a few cake boxes of Panasonic 8x DVD-R discs which should be TY. They were there a few days ago and were going for $28 for 25pcs.

  • Elite Force in SLS (4th floor back alley) had 2 or 3 cake boxes of the old Fujifilm 8x DVD-R TY discs on sale at $28 for 25pcs. They also had some MIS Verbatim 16x DVD+R discs going at $5 for 5pcs with jewel cases in a box. This was about 2-3 weeks ago so these discs may or may not have been snapped up.

People in Singapore are so desperate for TY discs that a few guys have resorted to mass ordering TY discs from online stores in the US and shipping them back to sell. One enterprising person who flies in and out of Japan has started buying That’s (TY’s own house brand) DVD discs and bringing them back with him for sale.


Thanks for the replys! :smiley:

It isn’t necessary that I get a TY, since any good quality ones will do, and after reading that thread about TY going the way of Ritek I feel a bit apprehensive already.

Thanks karangguni, didn’t expect that you will reply. In SLS I usually go to the 4th floor shop, you know the one that started out as a blank media specialty shop but eventually dealt with everything IT. I always had the bias that 4th floor and above shops are better :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you tried out the Taiwanese made Japanese brands yet? Incidentally, I have a 50 disc spindle of A1pros that I bought for $20. Cheap right? The quality ain’t bad too. Here’s a CDSpeed scan. As you can see while the read speed tends to be quite erratic I put this down to my drive being an external, plus I have a model kit sitting on top of it. :cool:


SKC actually is a Korean company, and the media is okay, but not top-notch.


Oh, the “is TY turning into the new Ritek” thread? I’ve seen this one too, and I went :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

lol :bigsmile:

All [I]genuine[/I] TY discs are still of the highest burning quality. Don’t listen to the naysayers.
Most of the problems people encounter with TY is from fake media, or odd bad batches, which are extremely scarse.

Now about your question, I think you can be perfectly happy with Made in Taiwan media, as long as your avoid Ritek (though the +R are kinda OK) and Prodisc, and you don’t buy el-cheapo brands. First choice is Verbatim with MCC (Mitsubishi Chemicals) code of course. Made in Taiwan Verbatim will be from CMC factories (CMC Magnetics) but with MCC (Mitsubishi Chemicals) technology, but if you really want cheaper media most CMC (CMC Magnetics) own codes discs sold under reputable brands like HP or TDK is totally OK unless you have a burner that is “incompatible” with CMC (notably Pioneer burners before the 110).

“Made in Japan” can be confusing these days, as I’ve seen several reports on this board of Maxell media with the “Made in Japan” mention on the package that turned out to be Ritek discs. I wouldn’t like this to happen to me. :disagree: :doh: :doh:


I wish my SKC burned like that, I had a couple random discs that burned pretty well in the past, but I bought 200 of them more recently for dirt cheap and they burn horribly, all 200 of them. I’m guessing they were known bad batches when they were sold. :frowning:


As of now, these MIJ problems are Maxell only… I haven’t had this with other brands. But the TY cakebox style is not an accurate indicator anymore, because other companies like Maxell (yes!) and Platinum/Tevion clone it.


All the verbs I have managed to get, physical shop wise, are MIT and I have never had a problem with them yet, though I am only going back to the start of the Verb 16x range so not sure ow long they have been in production.


Another thing I forgot to mention : the Maxell 8x discs in Singapore appear to be all actually made by Ritek.

That would be ATF, with the hideous red sign and loud blaring music. That also explains your mention of Zio and Melody.

I would avoid both brands. Someone has indicated that Zio is fake TY. I bought some Melody DVD+R discs once. The top layer rotted off at the edges like CDs.

I have tried MIT Verbatims. My advice is to avoid those that state anything about Verbatim Asia Pacific or Asia Pacific on the packaging (purple/red for 8x) in some manner. I had a lot of problems with burn quality with these. Other people I’ve talked to had lots of coasters. The standard looking ones should be ok. TDK has generally been ok for me.

Really, it depends on the writer you use to a great margin.

A1Pro uses random manufacturers and in the past has included fake MCC003 and fake TY media codes. I would stay far away from them. Even if they burn well, nobody knows how long the discs will last…


Well perhaps I got a good batch like karangguni said. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, my SKCs burned horribly at first. Later on I figured out that’s because since I am using a BenQ 1640, I had turned on Solidburn, and it was the cause of those horrible burns. Once I had turned it off the burns turned out fine. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the warning. I guess I will probably switch to TDK, or perhaps the Sonys with the nifty Da Vinci’s Code packaging. (Not that I’m a fan or anything, Douglas Adams FTW! :D)

I almost picked up some Zios just wanted to try out. Just as well I didn’t, since the fake write strategy will probably have guaranteed a coaster :a

Thanks for your recommendations guys. At first I thought that even with the Taiwan moniker things should be as simple as singling out the reputable brands. Guess it isn’t that simple. I think I will be going for TDK, always had good experiences with them anyway.




Good scan, but what’s that supposed to tell us?


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