Made in Taiwan Fuji DVDR discs, what manufacturers?

Until last year, almost all Fuji discs here (Belgium) was made in Japan and often was Yuden. Not anymore… :sad:
I am cautious so I use only Verbatim now, but I am still a very curious girl. :wink:
So, I am wondering what could be the manufacturer(s) behind the current made in Taiwan Fuji DVDR discs.
You will ask, why I don’t buy a spindle to try?.. Because in Belgium DVDR discs are HORRIBLY expensive (30 euros minimum for 25 discs!!).
Can this Fuji be anything Prodisc, Ritek, CMC, or does Fuji has a general preference with one of the taiwanese manufacturers?
Thank you in advance… :smiley:

I’ve never had CMC made Fujis. RITEKF16 or PRODISCR04 is a likely bet in current Fuji 16x DVD+R spindles, with the Riteks being more common where I live. Perhaps you’ll see PRODISCR05 as well.

You can use this as a reference -

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MIT Fuji is mostly Ritek and Prodisc, and any Ritek media that contains an “F” in the code is using a Fuji dye (RITEKF1, RITEKF16, etc.).

You could just try ordering Verbatim MCC or Verbatim TY from other European countries if you find a shop that ships to Belgium. :slight_smile:

:disagree: The belgian taxes are so high now that there is no online shop in Europe to still deliver to Belgium anymore. Just last year I could have ordered from, cdrwinkel,,
I am a Jonny-come-lately to this DVD stuff so it’s too late for me, I am stuck with these insane disc prices.
If you want to be scared you can check this (but not all shops are that expensive, pffeeeew!) :
Thanks you for the hint anyway evilboy :smiley:

Even shops like because they have verbatim for sale at a reasonable price.

Do SVP no longer ship to Belgium? I guess not :sad:

What about Nierle or somewhere?

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SVP no longer ships to Belgium?? (Posted March 4th 2007 in this very forum)

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Both. And yes, run fast :bigsmile:

No, there is absolutely NO non-belgian online shop that will ship recordable discs to Belgium… :frowning:
Good news (for me :stuck_out_tongue: ), I have just discussed with a friend by mail, and he is OK to bring me back some spindles from Luxembourg next time he goes shopping there. :cool:
But he tells me there is not really interesting discs in the shop there to feed my curiosity for different media, so I will stick with Verbatim… No biggy… :slight_smile:
Oh I have not thanked platinumsword, tropic and negritude for the infos about the Fujis, so: thanks ! :smiley:
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Does that mean that it is the [B]oxonol dye[/B] ? (this peculiar dye developped by Fuji)

When the “F” occurs in the MID code, that generally means Fuji’s Oxonol dye. It is very stable, perhaps the most stable of the available dyes; but it requires more laser power than the others. That’s fine for newer DL drives, but legacy 8X drives may struggle with 16X versions of Oxonol-based media because of the power requirement and the aging of the diode. In those cases, it is better to step the speed down further to 4X. (Slower recording speeds require less laser power and widen the band of the jitter curve…assuming the firmware engineers took the time to tune the drive properly. That’s a big assumption these days.)

FUJI- Black package 16x with explicit stating of oxonol dye on the package and with made in taiwan on it. Is CMC made with philipsC16 stamper and fuji’s oxonol dye.
The newere white package which says made in taiwan carries Ritek or Prodisc.
The -R is most likely Ritek.

Is it bad ???

Well the question is what are you going to use ?
Because some combinations are unreliable for longtime backups.

Some disc’s using oxonol dye which are easilly found on the market.

FUJIFILM02 (made by Prodisc, Fuji Germany and FUJI japan if I’m right)

FUJIFILM03 (made by MBIL, Ritek,Prodisc,Fuji Germany(rare))

RitekM02 (Both)


CMC/FUJIFILM (germany)


If you want more examples then let met know.

It seems that the DVD dyes used by the bigger Taiwanese OD manufacturers for their own products are still the product of Japanese R&D…

Personally, Samsung SH-203B…
But anyway, Fuji is not anymore an option for me now. :slight_smile: Because I can get my discs cheaper (than here) from a Luxembourg shop and they don’t have Fuji…
If some expert here sees interesting discs (other than Verbatim that I will buy anyway :D) at this shop, I am all ears
(“page suivante” means “next page” ;))

DVD+R: the Sony would be good for everyday use if you want to keep your Verbatim for storage/archives. As is the Sony DVD-R IMO. :slight_smile:


The Verbatim 16x +R are the only media sold there I would personally use for archival. Short time storage, any of those disc is ok (assuming it is not physically defective and your drive supports it). Even media with illegally used codes made in china can be fine for non-important stuff :stuck_out_tongue: