Made In Malay,Philipines or Costa Rica?

As I Know,A Part Of Intel Pentium IV CPU’s
Made In Costa Rica(to be more specific i’m talking about P4 1.8GHz)is the best choice for those who are interesting in overclocking.I have a P4 2GHz made in Malay.On my Asus P4B and Gigabyte 667 ultra M/B , i can only make my CPU to work on 2340MHz without problems.If i try a P4 2GHz which is made in Philipines or Costa Rica shall i see any difference in overclocking?I hope to have a reply soon!Thanx a lot

This could be true (I really don’t know), but it is a fact that the success of overclocking doesn’t only depend on the CPU, but on quite some other factors as well.

If you buy a P4 based on the Northwood core, you could get some nice overclocking results. Don’t push Vcore over 1,70 though, since this has killed quite some P4 CPUs

As I see you overclocked your CPU 540Mhz. This is a nice 30% overclock and I wouldn’t consider that to be a bad result. I’d rather save my money now, and buy a P4 with 533Mhz FSB and a P4 board with 800Mhz FSB in order to get some nice OCing results. I haven’t read that this has been done yet, but I am quite sure this will be done in a couple months (as the yields of the P4-533 are quite good, this shouln’t be that big a problem I guess).

@mrloca: 30% increase (assuming that you’re using stock air cooler) is nice indeed.

@dee-ehn: anandtech has a sneak peek at 800Mhz P4 performance - not too bad at all I think.

First of all I would like to thank you both for the informations and advices you gave me.
What I have done is to overclock my Malay P4 2.0GHz CPU only by pushing the FSB,I haven’t push the Vcore at all and got the results I have already told you(2340MHz without problems).
At this time I’m writing these,my CPU works on 2440MHz(again without pushing Vcore) and I have tested its stability by encoding a DVD movie.No Problems at all!The difference now is that the CPU(P4 2.0GHz) is Made In Phillipines!The maximum my P4 works on is 2460 without problems.
Now I only have to test a P4 2GHz Made In Costa Rica to see if there is any difference between the others!As soon as I do this I’ll let you know.

It doesn’t (usually) matter where the chip made in but the stepping of the core. Now there are two variaties of p4, the B0 and C1. The C1 is more overclockable than the B0. If you tell me the #spec number of your P4 I will tell you which stepping is.