Made in Japan?

Is it safe to assume that all media made in Japan are Taiyo’s? When buying discs in brick & mortars it seems like I’m always looking for the MIJ label. Just curious

I’m sure someone will explain it better than I can but…

Maxell 8x -+ MIJ are not Taiyo Yuden, Sony 16x dvd+r MIJ are not Taiyo Yuden
(although they could be if they have the octigonal spacer but I did not see any yet)

That is all I can think of at the moment.

Made in japan is nether a guarentee of ty nor is it a guarentee of quality. MegaDETH beat me to the two other made in japan medias that I could think of off the top of my head but as this has been asked before (if all made in japan was good anyway), others have posted about lower quality mij stuff being out there. I think it is mostlly the 8x yuden00t02’s that people are commonly finding (or at least used to commonly find) in the brick and morter stores. You still pretty much have to know what you are buying and be going for a particular made in japan media to get ty.

No It appears that many disc are “fake” so It may be a passing hope that the deal on “abc” disc is good as japan is easy to spell

I remember in the past that Fuji MIJ’s were Taiyo’s, does that still hold true? Also I’ve heard about Accucore brand. Are they any good? Sorry if these are noob questions but been away from the forum for awhile.

Fuji is no longer using Taiyo media. Any Fuji MIJ media is simply old stock. All the new media is being manufactured in Taiwan. So that question is moot.

Accucore isn’t a brand, it’s simply the name Sony uses for design changes they made in their discs, starting a few months ago. If you look at packs of Sony discs, somewhere towards the bottom of the front is a small little thing that says “Accucore.” But they’re branded as Sony.

There’s a page about it here:

Some feel that the newer Accucore MIJ discs (which are Taiyos) are inferiour to the older ones, but others say they’re just as good.

Thanks for the clarification, nesler, on the Accucore. I guess the only way to be sure you’re getting the best media is to buy from rima and sms.

eh, Accucore is just more marketing jargon.

I would disagree, I’d say anything TY made, espescially non-value line, is high quality

I have never gotten anything close to “sub par” “value line” TY Media.

I now have over the past year bought 600 for myself and 400 for a friend of
value line from shop4tech (300 have been TYG01 and the others TYG02).

I know the whole “value line” issue has been discussed to death and some think it is sub standard
while others like myself think it is not. I always though it was a way for them to clear out inventory,
I could very well be worng but that’s ok.

Maybe I am lucky but all my “value line” media has been clean and burned perfect.

Here are two scans I just did tonight.

edit: I do agree though that if you must have TY 8x go to Rima you know
what your getting, no question about it.

think economy packaged and good value
boy they really stick it to you with those old disks, how can you stand it?

that’s cool, i would guess that you’re right. I haven’t been around too many value line discussion/debates so it’s news to me :smiley:

I would take those 4x any day. They burn so well at 8x.

Before I cleared my learned media I had burned 10 at 8x all 99 quality score
and low PIF and PIE and smooth transfer tests. Then I am happy with my burn
if I can meet all three of those.

Now the risk might be to high to order again, with the chance of getting TYG03’s,
from what I have seen not to many people are happy with the results.

how are they burning on the LG?

I should update my sig I took out the LG and the Lite-on for the time being.

I have a few scan I can post when I get home if you want. reason I stopped
using the LG for TYG02 was because it can only burn at 8x or 16x and not 12x.

I paired my burners as standalone masters in my main 2 computers to optimize
8x COF, my Benq and LG are the readers, the 3550 and 3540 burn. LG’s reading ability
is second to none. Benq a close second. Your benq is a heck of burner tho.

There are still a few media plants in Japan, not just TY. Mitsui media, now known as MAM-A, has a plant in France, US, and one in Japan, and finding MIJ mitsui is not a good thing since American and French Plants make the best Mitsui media, only apply to Mitsui media. There are others Jap media plants like Sony, and Maxell. Some sony +R are TY, and some are Sony own media for MIJ spindles, Sony own media are also found to be MIT as well. And I can say 90% of the time that -R MIJ sony are Sony own media, some discovered -R MIJ sony were TY, but rare. Same thing can be said to MIJ Maxell. But the bottom line is that MIJ media are decent, and thus safe to buy.