Made in Japan DVD+RDL!

…But don’t get your hopes up too high. It’s made by Kitano, and it’s not well supported at all:

Hmm, so far from what i’ve seen, i’ll stick with Verbatim.

The Benq seems to be the only drive that did a god job at burning these… pretty mediocre results with the other drives. I’ll pass (for time being, who knows).

Thanks for the infos :slight_smile:

O.E.Manufacturer … AdvancedMedia Corp./KITANO

Advanced Media??? Ritek ??? :confused:

made by AMC(Advanced Media Corporation.). not RiTEK.

KITANO amalgamated AMC on January. 1. 2006.

4,980 Yen for 85GB DVD+R DL. 9,960 Yen for 170GB.

Maxtor 7.2K RPM HDD SATA II and 16MB buffer for 9,980 Yen.