Made-in-China fake(?) Mitsubishi DVD+R 8x with Prodisc MID

Does anyone have seen this? A user here has reported this Mitsubishi-branded DVD+R 8x which looks to be genuine but with Prodisc’s MID PRODISC R03 and with unfamiliar Prodisc Stamper ID/Serial Number PR09-4812-5131.

First burn was Ok but almost all the next burns failed. Below is a scan of the first burn.

BenQ DW1650 BCIC
SolidBurn=Off, OverSpeed=Off, WOPC=On
First PRODISC R03, set to burn @8x but really burned @4x

Does anyone know if this is real or fake? I haven’t seen what the packaging looks like yet. I’ve never heard of Verbatim/Mitsubishi-branded DVD media coming out of factory in China. Neither have I ever heard of non-MCC MID for Verbatim/Mitsubishi-branded DVD media apart from CMC’s for the White Pearl and those from Taiyo Yuden.


Ok. PR09-4812-5131 is a valid Prodisc Stamper ID. Will check whether Serial Number looks like 4180E2226+03291C22. But I guess this is Prodisc-dye Prodisc-made (as opposed to MCC-dye Prodisc-made) authentic Mitsubishi-branded media.

I’ve never seen Prodisc R03 sold under the Mitsubishi brand before :eek: - seems genuine though

I was going to say, that would be a very nice result for a faked media code. And I’ve never heard of a Prodisc media code being faked, and it would be a strange choice considering the other options of media codes to use.

It is known that some Mitsubishi media in Asia (China, Korea, Taiwan?) is actually Prodisc. Some DVDs from the Mitsubishi Uki Uki series have been Prodisc-made.

[B]lordyu[/B]: Actually I think Prodisc uses the MCC Azo dye for their discs too. The media code is the disc model (including polycarbonate, reflectivity, bonding…), which is a different thing.

[B]scoobiedoobie[/B]: Even Ritek codes have been faked… faked Prodisc or CMC would not be a surprise.

Because of their (overrated, agreed, let’s avoid the point ;)) good reputation on the net between 2004 and 2006, and also because many people still think of “Ritek” mainly as a [I]brand[/I]. This CDFreaks community is a microcosm that would lead us to think that Ritek has lost its reputation, which is sadly not the case. You can still find forums where users are raving about “[I]yeah, these discs have the G05 dye ( :rolleyes: ) which is GREEAAAAT[/I]” and other appalling nonsense LOL.
The brand itself has been heavily copied and still is (Itek, Titek, Ridisc’s logo, Rivision’s logo etc…).

I don’t think Prodisc, on the other hand, has any reputation at all (good or bad) in the general public. Maybe the name itself (as it includes “Pro” in it :rolleyes: ) could motivate couterfeits, but I doubt it, as faking a MID (apart from using a write strategy) is interesting only if the name has a wide reputation, like MCC, TY, and (sadly) Ritek.

About Ritek G05 current reputation, just take a look at this:

**SVP comments:
[I]“It uses the Ritek G05 dye [B]which is one of the most popular dyes on the planet.”[/B][/I]
(BTW despite being my favorite online shop, SVP still has it aaaall wrong with MIDs and “dyes” :rolleyes: ).

**User reviews: just read them!

My point being that Ritek still has an excellent reputation despite all the catastrophic reports about G04/G05 produced since Q3/2004… so your idea that because even Ritek has been faked, Prodisc could as well, doesn’t make much sense IMO. No offence intended, mate. :flower:

Ok, I got some pictures of the label.

And the Serial Number on the disc is Prodisc.

kg_evilboy: Yes, it’s the Uki Uki series. No mention of AZO on the label though. Can we conclude that this is Prodisc dye, and this is the real outsourcing similar to the case of CMC dye for the Pearl White? Maybe MCC just can’t keep up with the demand here in Asia any more.

Looks like it’s been around since 2005 in Hong Kong and/or China but it has just arrived here or first reported here and he has got 10 consecutive bad burns on DW1650 while it can still burn fake no-name MCC 004 media without a problem.

Looking at the artwork, I hope this is not the official DVD media for the 2008 Olympics! :eek:

The text on the picture is an interesting mix of Japanese and (Traditional) Chinese :eek:
I believe this is real outsourcing to have a value line product series, and not a demand problem. Just like with the Pearl Whites. :slight_smile:

Most probably right. :iagree:

Strange, though … :eek: I have never seen this combination of Mitsubishi.

Yes, I can see this Mitsubishi Uki UKi here taiwan, but they are still consists of MCC003/MCC02RG20.
I don’t see PRODISCR03/4/5 under Mitsubishi brand anywhere. I tend to buy traditional Mitsubishi instead.
In fact, my friends all hates Uki UKi’s ugly look :disagree:

As for Verbatim, you can find CMCMAGAE1, MCC02RG20, TYG02 under different cakebox styles. Price from low to high as well.

Can’t blame them. :bigsmile: Nice colors, but lame graphic design.

I saw the reviews some time ago. :a

Ordered some of these, will they be genuine?

Do they ship to the UK? Or do you use a remailing service like DankeDanke?
Should be MCC… :slight_smile:

My parents-in-law are sending a package once or twice a month anyway. So I thought it’s not a bad idea to buy some DVDs in Japan. Amazon ships for free in Japan and the shipping to the UK is free for me anyway. This printable Mitsubishi cakebox costs me 11 Pounds, I think that’s a fair price.
Next time I will try That’s media, which is well priced at I think.

That’s Mitsubishi’s own brand it its home country of Japan, no worries there. Those used to be all Prodisc-made MCC02RG20 but now, looking at current pictures on Yahoo Japan Auctions, they’ve switched to CMC-made MCC02RG20.

Do you have a link?

That still makes me giggle :bigsmile:

This is real luck. Enjoy it :clap:

Still surprised that the good 8x media seems to be still widespread in Japan while almost everything is 16x here now :frowning:

[B]Arachne[/B], I think [B]koba[/B] mentioned the DankeDanke service once. It’s expensive so I haven’t bothered to try it yet :frowning:
They are somehow related to Welt-Netz (World Net).
Interestingly, the “Weltnetz” word has also been used by German nationalists to refer to the Web, and I doubt that the founders of the company were aware of this. In fact the company was founded in September 1980, so they couldn’t have possibly predicted what would be coming…

Some Japanese seem to be fond of German names. Look at this one, for example: