Made copy of Dungeon Siege

Microsoft Published the Game “Dungeion Siege” and that game is so easy to crack. If has a new version of Safe Disk 1 on it. It has around 1512 bad sectors of data. The game comes in two CD’s. Only Disc one has Safe Disk 1 on it. The Second CD has no burn guard or security at all.I burn’t it with the CenDyne (lite-on 2410B) 24x10x40 CD-RW using Clone CD.

Read CD at 40x.
Option: Read SubChannel Data
Fast Error Skip: Hardware
Burn’t CD Speed at:24x

Then I I used Beta blocker to patch the weak sectors. Strange thing is when I did Scan Sector didn’t show the sectors but still patched em. Also you start the game to play it. It says please insert Disc One…then it checks for the bad sectors on the disc…mabye Beta Blocker worked hmmm. They call it Safe Disk 1 but why call it that obviously the disc isn’t so Safe LOL…Im still waiting for a challenege to copy and crack a CD

i used my Plex 24x to burn this.

read settings:

read speed max
read sub channel data from data tracks
read sub channel data from audio tracks
fast error skip set to automatic

burn settings:

burn speed 16x
buffer underrun
always close last session

thats it.
didn’t use Beta Blocker and copy works fine.
don’t think it needs Beta Blocker.

Good work…cool =)

Same here.

Read 48x
Both Subs
Fast Error Skip ON
Write 32x

Works great!

Wierd thing is: When I used clonyXL it said no protection. I tried doing cd2cd but got coatser! I scanned for read errors and they came up. So I used fast error skip in cloneCD. Now when I scan the backup with clonyXL it says Safedisk. Yet the original STILL scans as no protection. Maybe that is why the did the protection that way. Thye got a whole 28 cent coaster out of me!:frowning:

remember safedisc v1 only uses bad sectors up to 1500
while safedisc v2 uses atip, bad sectors, and weaks sectors up to 10100…

It is not difficult to backup (1:1) a SafeDisc 1 protected game and there is no fun in patching, cracking or otherwise grossly altering the image. Following the advice here will see most backups work when imaged under the latest v4 public beta release :wink:

If there are problems after using the default game profile, you can always troubleshoot from here :smiley:

Originally posted by wakemonkeypimp
…while safedisc v2 uses atip…
…only from v2.4 - Max Payne doesn’t check unless you officially patch it :wink:

ahhhhhh I remember cracking in my early days I knew nothing. Im not trying to brag or show off but I’ve come along way…and thanks to people like you you’ve helped me. Its good were all a group. I admit Im not the best cracker but Im getting better. Game copying is easy though. I recommend CD-RW’s to record on first just to make sure your back up works. Clone CD is so good in USA and Japan they couldn’t allow Amplify weak sectors and Hide CD-R media or the program would be illegal. Hmmmm could the government enforce this? I feel Clone CD is the best for now cause it gets the job done and isn’t hard to use. Remember giving or selling bootleg software isn’t cool would you like it if your hardworking effort as a software developer work went to someone who didn’t pay for your product? But then again if you give the bootleg the software to your friends they come first. Its a hard call to make.

yep future proof the atip was introduced first in max payne after it’s patch; only summing up what safedisc v2 all intails now…but i cannot wait for a game that uses v2.60.52!!!

Originally posted by wakemonkeypimp
…but i cannot wait for a game that uses v2.60.52!!!
It’s happened - do a search on the forums!