Made 2 copies of same game with 2 diff dvd drives = 2 diff mdf/s crcs

I’ve been ripping my Baldur’s Gate II and Baldur’s Gate II: Throne of Bhaal UK version CDs. I want to create some images, burn the images to DVD+R and keep my original cds somewhere safe. Installing a multi-disc game is much less painful when using images.

The BGII discs are copy protection-free, but Throne of Bhaal has Laserlock on it. I ripped the ToB disc with a Plextor 712A, and then with an NEC 3405A. I used Alcohol’s Laserlock profile on both occasions.

The CRCs for the images were different, and I’m not sure if that’s normal or not. The Plextor took hours, literally a couple of hours, to rip the ToB disc. The NEC took 11 minutes. When ripping with the Plextor I was getting disc read errors almost constantly, but (I think) I got less with the NEC.

Another thing is that it took between 5-10 attempts to get my Plextor to even detect the ToB disc when I inserted it. So, I’d put the disc in the drive, and only now and then would it be detected and auto load. Most of the time the drive light would flash as if it were trying to read the disc, but it never could. All I could do was eject the disc, re-insert it and hope that it would be detected.

I’ve read in the past the Plextor drives are poor at ripping Laserlock, and my results here seem to agree with that. Due to the problems I’ve been having ripping the disc with my Plextor, and the difference in CRCs between the ripped images on both drives, does this mean that the NEC has done a more accurate and better rip that the Plextor? Is there any way to verify how accurate a rip is compared to the original CD? Should I keep the NEC image and delete the Plextor image?