Maddog to Nec 4550 Is it possible

Is it possible when you flash the Maddog version of the Nec 4550 for the drive to renamed (not just the firmware revision) but the actual drive itself. I was talking to someone on another forum that said he flashed his Maddog16X3DVD9-8X to a Nec 4550 and now the dropdown box in Clone2 actually says Nec 4550. I don’t beleive it but I thought I would ask the experts.

Well I found out the hard way and I was wrong. When flashing the Maddog 16X3DVD9-8x it actually does change the name of the drive and the firmware. It now shows it is a Nec 4550 when flashed with L&Ds new firmware. This never happened to me before.

I have experience on this one, when I had drive from MicorAdvantage (repackage of AOpen) I did cross flash it with AOpen f/w and after that the drive name was change to AOpen on any drive display program, even Windows Xp Device Manager was showing the drive as AOpen.

The drive string is contained within the firmware and can be renamed to more or less anything.

Thankyou Dee: I thought it was not possible because everytime I flashed you r previous firmwares it only showed the firmware revision. This time it actually showed the name of the drive and the firmware it was flashed to. When I was told of it I was very leary of the impormation and did not believe it. But I guess it is true, when you flash a Maddog16X3DVD9-8X with 1.06DBT firmware it actual turns into an Nec 4550, in name and in firmware.

We renamed the Maddog firmware we currently use on the 3540, it also changed the drive to a Maddog, we simply renamed it _NEC DVD_RW ND-3540A v1.W7

Please don’t try this at home, its quite tricky and has to be changed in several locations in the firmware, and the checksums recalculated.

Thankyou Dee: I thought it was much more complicated because you had never done it before (I think) I wonder why Ala42s MCSE doesn’t rename the media codes when they are changed? I will bet there is a good reason.

Well, when they are renamed, you will see that they are renamed. You can even rename them manually in MCSE if you want. When strategy swapping is done by changing an index table entry (I call this lossless swapping), you will not see they were renamed because the they are not renamed. Media code names are not touched at all in this case, just an index or pointer to a media code or some strategy data are duplicated.

Thanks Ala42: I just didn’t understand. I am going to give it go and try to rename them manually, like Yuden-000-T02-000 to T03 and have it say Yuden 000-T03-000 in the log files of the burn. I will try.

You should simply double click the entry in the media list and select the new strategy if you want to swap the strategy. Of course you can rename both the target and source strategy, but MCSE will do this automaticaly if no lossless swaping is implemented.