Maddog = NEC3500. Which firmware to flash with?

I just got myself a Maddog 16xDVDRW, which from what I understand is a NEC 3500AG. Now the question I have is, which firmware should I flash to? Do I want to stick with Maddog firmware ? Or can I flash to one of the modded NEC firmwares? :o

Any advice would be appreciated. :iagree:
Thanks in advance.

Keep in mind that I’m complete n00b at this! :wink:
The gurus here will be more than happy to reccomend diffrent fw’s to you.
But first they will have to know your needs:

  • Do you want rip-lock removed?
  • Do you want region lock removed?
  • Do you want to overspeed your burns?
  • Do you want to set diffrent book types?
    And if you don’t know what the above stands for, pls read the Big Nec FAQ posted here first as flashing with modded fw voids all warranty :iagree:
    Hope this helps

Riplock removed, yes.
Region lock, I dont care, I live in the USA.
Overspeed burns, I can go eitherway. I prefer quality burn over saving 1 min.
Change booktype, YES.

here is your spoon so feed yourself by reading the faq as it gives you the linkys to the firmwares you desite

:bow: :bow: Excellent response.

Seriously read the FAQ. It is brand new and the layout is excellent. Even a noob can’t go wrong with it.

I’d like to thank BOTH of you for taking the time to read the message, respond to the message and say ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Attitudes like that are why forums have so many lurkers, people getting SCREW YOU answers. The question was simple, but you both felt it necessary to reply with mean spirited comments instead of simple answers. My original question is pretty simple… I wanted to know if I need to flash the specific MADDOG firmware to this drive or could I use another firmware. GHEEZ!

Thanks for NOTHING guys.

Araltd > There’s a number of unofficial firmware’s here. You need to find one that fits your needs. As in what type’s of disks you have on hand or are thinking of buying or riplock removed and region free. The question you asked is asked alot these days and people get tired of answering them. CD Freaks is a good place to find most whatever you want here . Read around and see if you find what will work for you.

I’d go with the 218btrpc1.rar flash. Use NECWinFlash.exe to backup and load the new firmware from windows. You can check the 3500 FW revisions to compare this with the Mad Dog. The Mad Dog 2.FA has the older write stategies.

from the second post in the firmware sticky:
MadDog 2.F8.
Official Ritek DL support! SL bitsetting, DL bitsetting.
You can also find modified versions of this firmware with RPC1, riplock removed, and drive ID string changed to NEC 3500. Check the link!

I had some skipping, hesitating videos after I burned them using the Dangerous Brothers beta firmware and bitsetting utility. I don’t know if that was the problem but since then I have had nothing but excellent luck after I did the following:

I flashed my NEC 3500A using the “factory” firmware off of the Mad Dog Multimedia web site.

I used the “factory” bitsetting utility from the Mad Dog Multimedia web site to set my DVD+Rs as DVD-ROM.

I burn only Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD+Rs (both Taiyo Yuden and Japanese Fujis).

I make sure that my Nero burns the 8X disks at 8X or even slower at 4X by setting the burn speed at 8X or 4X - either way not any faster than 8X.

Doing this I have had excellent luck - no coasters.

I say stick with the factory stuff until one of the hacker-modded firmwares proves to be both better and faster by unanimous agreement.

Good luck.