Maddog md-16xdvd9's not 3500's!



I just thought I would warn you guys. I’m building a computer for a friend and he went ahead and got the dvd burner early because the mad dogs were on sale. I was going to test it out for him since the computer won’t be built till after it is to late to return it if defective. So I open the box and thier is a md-16xdvd9a2 in a box marked md-16xdvd9. they are putting 3520’s in boxes marked as 3500’s. Just thought I would give you guys a heads up.


Yep, got one from CompUSA that was a 3520, marked 16xDVD9 about 2 months ago. Still a good burner.


Yea I pm’ed someone more farmiliar with the 3520’s than I am (I stick to my 3500) and I guess they have fixed some of the early problems the 3520’s had with new firmware. I just didn’t know that. So is the 3520 as bullet proof as the 3500 when it comes to media compatibility (burns just about any good media good, be it + or -, and even burns some crap media ok)?


3520 is not quite as good as the 3500.
But 3500’s are no longer being produced.


Yea and the 3500’s are pretty hard to find. I had thought the ones micro center had were just old stock since the normal price is 120$ but I guess that mad dog is shipping them with drive models that don’t match what is on the box. It’s too bad. It would have been a good source for a little while longer (when/if they were on sale cheap enough). I hear the 3540’s are turning out to be pretty good though (with hacked firmware at least) so that good. Maybe it will turn out to be as good as the 3500’s after a little more firmware development.


Yo ripit-

I remember back to the early days of the 3500 (I know - ‘cause I was one of the first to buy one in here) - and until the firmware version 2.17 there were burning problems with the 3500’s also - so it looks like - if you use the 3.04 firmware - you will be good to go with some kicka$$ burnin’ IMO-



He decided to return it. Hes going to see if they have one that actually is a 3500 (doub’t helll be able to get them to open packages, but then again, I have made em do shit like that!!!), or he’ll probably get a benq like the other one did.


Yea, good stuff sometimes starts out bad… Just bought a bunch of cmc media for friends (staples brand). I was one of the first supporters of e01 (then again, have you ever looked through your own post hstory, its amazing how we change), But I was burning the shit out of this stuff when everybody on the forums were still retching at the mention of cmc. Now everybody likes it. Its cheap and burns decent, and even dipshit, worthless companies like memorex have become a reliable buy for some (they quit using dozzens of media companies, whatever is cheapest which might be real ty or princo, you never know, now its all cmc, or mb. Even though I coereced several packs from the local staples, I would have liked some mb to play with (so the 2 25 packs would have been nice).


Yp ripit-

Hope that he can find a 3500 - they have been the “Quest For The Holy Grail” for some trying to find one here on the Forums-

btw - weren’t there some at MicroCenter??



thats where he got it was at micro center. the box was marked md-16xdvd9 but the drive was marked md-16xdvd9a2. The box was factory sealed so It looks like maddog is shipping drives where the model listed on the package is not what is in the box.


I picked up a md-16xdvd9 external yesterday at Compusa for 79.99 after rebate that was a true 3500. What a bargain!


I guess thier are some still floating around thier then!!! Could you post what store you got it at (the city) incase anyone else in your area is interested in one?
I have kind of wondered about the externals? I would think that they would not sell near as much as internals so maybe some of them are still 3500’s!!! Does anybody know anything about the maddog externals? Is it just a standard internal in an enclosure so that you could pull it out and install it internally? Also, could you use the enclosure with other kinds of drives?


[QUOTE=ripit]I guess thier are some still floating around thier then!!! Could you post what store you got it at (the city) incase anyone else in your area is interested in one?

Got in Tulsa, Oklahoma


I’m always on the hunt for NEC 3500 drives, here in the UK I’ve been having quite a big success rate at car boot sales (garage sales)

For example, the other day I found a stall selling 3 brand new OEM NEC 3500 drives. Since the guy knew me a little he knocked £5 off each writer (So £30 per writer). I had my cash out for all 3 nearly instantly!

And he says he may have even more next week :bow:

(Be good to have a NEC 3500 with latest modified firmware in all my computer setups…I tried the 3520 drives but eventually decided I preferred the 3500 ones)