Maddog DVD recorder and NERO

Just purchased maddog dvd recorder. I can’t even copy an audio CD let alone transfer DV movies to DVD. Keep getting message
12:14:54 PM #3 Text 0 File AudioTrackReadPFile.cpp, Line 244
Audio - CD-Copy : Read Errors on Source Disc

12:14:54 PM #4 CDR -500 File AudioTrackReadPFile.cpp, Line 386
SCSI command aborted
_NEC DVD_RW ND-2510A\H2 T0

Able to do data however. HELP PLEASE!

There may be a lockout on ripping for that drive. Check the Firmware area for updates and hacks.

The Maddog 6 in 1 recorder is generally the NEC 2500. Check the sticker on your drive. If this is the case, look on the NEC subforum for a firmware update. Sometimes this drive has issues with reading less than perfect media. Try also cleaning the original. Also update nero.