Maddog 2510 burns not playing right

I bought this as an upgrade- brand new from Comp usa- madgod 6 in 1 dual layer/format.

my previous drive was an hp300i which worked perfectly.

Now however- when using my memorex media- the dvd will burn- but will NOT play in my apex dvd player. All burns using memorex media and using dvd shrink have played perfectly as burnt by my Hp300i.

If i cannot play dvds i make with this burner- i do not want it- and will return it - i’m a newbie to fireware and all this stuff- so if someone knows what the problem is - please tell me.

I recently read a thread somewhere in these forums that this is my problem

had an hp300i and all the dvdr+ i burned played perfectly on my apex 600a ( they read as discbook= dvdr+ and book type as dvd rom)

all the new ones burn as dvdr+ book type dvdr+ and will NOT play in my apex- im a newbie and do not know what flashing all all this means- but how do i make my player work the way i want it too?

So it is a booktype problem, read the topics about bitsetting and Herrie’s firmware.

If you flash Herrie’s firmware it will booktype automatically to dvd-rom as with your HP.

well - see i don’t know how to “flash” the drive- i do know that i found a bitset tool for the NEC 2510a that lets me toggle the book type from dvdr+ to dvd rom- which is exactly what i need- however- the official 2.16 nec firmware- requires the 2.15 offical first to be flashed- which i cannot find- and would not know how to flash it- if i could.

I’ve read thru this site for 10 hours or more and my head is broken.

I want Riplock removal- and SL and DL bitsetting (or just SL if i must)

for a nec 2510a - what do i need- what firmware best serves what i want - where do i get it- and if it’s not windows( dummy proof) how do i “flash”
my nec is slaved i believe (2nd rom drive)

Have a read through this link…

It’s officially for the NEC 2500A, but the hacked firmware discussed here will load on either a 2510A or 2500A. Read the thread (it’s 40 odd pages though) and see what you can learn. Page 1 contains a link to the firmware. In terms of flashing use the Windows flasher, you start it in Windows, hit Flash, your drive updates, you restart your PC…piece of piss.

You can get official NEC firmwares here…

Have fun…fortunately I don’t have the bit setting problem, although if Dual Layer media ever reaches a sensible price then I will be bit setting it to imrpove compatibility.

Lite-ON 166S x 4 FW by CodeGuy
NEC 2500A@2510A x 1 FW by Herrie
NEC 2510A > FW 2.16
NEC 3500A in shipping
Lite-ON 851S@832S FW VS0A
Lite-ON 832S FW VS0A

You might want to set the NEC up to be secondary master and your DVD-ROM drive as a slave. Then make sure it’s all wired up with a ATA100\133 cable rather than an original\old style IDE cable…

I got the windows one you suggested- and it says the nec 2500a cannot be found (i don’t HAVE a nec 2500a i have a 2510a.)

I have the same drive and the same problem as you until I flashed my drive to the 2k5107v2b5dl firmware. You will need to flash the drive in dos mode. Windows will not detect your 2510A as a 2500A. Go here for more explanation on how to flash the drive in DOS.

herrie faq

after you have successfully flash the drive use dvdinfopro to change both your dvd+r and dvd+rw to DVD-ROM booktype. this should be it.

Good Luck