MadDog 2.F9 for 3500 supports +RW bitsetting

Firmware is up on TDB site. Command version 4, supports +DL, +R, and +RW bitsetting.

Can someone dump the strategy versions and supported media please :slight_smile:

Hmm! I’ll have to try this one. Thanks.

Maybe they’ll all support dvd+rw bitsetting from now on. I probably won’t flash unless I get some dvd + rws. I knew they’d figure that out eventually. :bow:

Just flashed my drive and tested by burning a movie. It’s working great :slight_smile:

Test scans of media on 3500 with 2.f9

Ok, I just flashed from Herries firmware, to mad dogs, and now the RW tab does not show up in the WINBTYPE window.

Any ideas?

Maybe the wrong WINBTYPE version? But my Flasher should also support all types of bitsetting with this firmware.

Can i flash it under Windows, not Dos ?

I’m confused. The file I got with the new mad dog has inside (zip file) 3 bin files and I don’t get it (yes, call me an idiot) which one is the new:
MD16ORIG.BIN Original binary as supplied
MD16FAST.BIN 3100@3500 and Rip Lock Patches
MD16RPC1.BIN RPC1, 3100@3500 and Rip Lock Patches

can someone tell which one I need to flash to get +RW bitsetting support? (or give a link to the bin file i it’s not asking to much)
Thanks a lot.

OK These are the stategy Ver. of 3500FAST.exe (2.F9 TDB) Vs 2.c8 (TDK):

                2F9                                   2.C8

CD-R Version: 1.24 1.24
CD-RW Version: 1.24 1.24
DVD-R Version: 1.37 1.37
DVD-RW Version: 1.33 1.33
DVD+R Version: 1.56g 1.55t
DVD+RW Version 1.37 1.37
DVD+R9 Version: 1.24g 1.24r

This is all.
Bye Giorgio

Thanks to Giorgio and Liggy :slight_smile:

I flashed my drive with the MD16RPC1.BIN firmware.

With the Winbtype that include the .zip file from tdb for de NEC drives i could not change the +RW bitsetting, I had to use other version Winbtype or Dvdinfopro or NECWinFlash.exe to can change the +RW bitsetting, this 3 programs could change the bitsetting for the dvd+rw discs.

After, I formated my one DVD+RW disc with nero quick erase, and the Boot Type of the DVD no changed.

Then, I formated the +rw disc with full erase option of nero at maximum speed (4x) and nothing, +rw Book Type :confused:

I continued, I burned an image ISO-DVD of fedora with nero… nothing :sad:

I tried dvdinfopro with all combinations of options in the format rw dialog with no results again :sad:

I have no restart since I change the bitsetting.

Anyone know how can I change the Book Type of my actual DVD+RW to DVD-ROM with this firmware??

Sorry for my english:(

nero version

does this firmware show the drive as nec or as maddog?

I’ve got the TDB f/w and it makes my drive show as a MadDog, but that doesn’t matter to me, thanx to liggy’s binflash I can flash to whatever f/w I wish.

hi all

does it support auto bitsetting with nero?


At TDB’s site they have both MadDog reported & NEC reported versions:

BETA MAD DOG Book Type Version reporting as “_NEC DVD_RW ND-3500AG”…Section. The 2.F8 & 2.F9 versions there should be the same as the Mad Dog counterpart f/w’s except they will be tagged as NEC. :slight_smile:

I can’t get the DVD+RW tab to appear in my NEC 3500A set flashed to the Maddog 2.F9 fw either. Tried using the included WinBType utility and older versions also no go.

It shows up with WinBType 2 (Fileversion is actualy 4, 0, 0, 1)

I don’t think this has the latest dvd+r write stragegies in the 2.c8 f/w my daxons az2 wrote at 12x in this f/w they only write at 4x