Madden NFL 2004 due out today 9/14/03



Anyone buy this great football game today? My cash is short (blah) and was just curious what Safedisc version was on the greatest football game ever made (hands down). I’m guessing Safedisc 3.0.x… (US version)

Shoey :cool:


What will be new in Safedisc 3.0.xxxxx??

Will it still be easy to copy?

Any info.


I don’t think that there will be new SafeDisk from where do you have it ??


sd3 is supposed to include anti-cracking stuff, which is irrelevant to making an image. It is also is supposed to include some patterns that cannot be written by two-sheep burners. But it will still be possible to make an image at the very least.


I bought EA Sports Madden NFL 2004 yesterday and of course was playing most of the evening:D Much to my surprise Madden NFL 2004 is Safedisc 2.9.x cd protected. The game contains 2 cd’s as cd 1 is Safedisc 2.9.x cd protected and cd 2 is just a data cd.

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EA Sports: It’s in the game


I’ve tried various methods backing up Madden NFL 2004. The best package was using my Toshiba SD-M1502& Polaroid BurnMAX48 cdrw. I used CloneCD “on the fly” using the Safedisc 2.51 profile. Backup works in all of my drives without the need of emulation I assume my Toshiba SD-M1502 has the abilty to read “pre-gap” because when I tried with the Litey, I needed Alcohol 120% program install or the aid of “ignore media type”. I couldn’t get my backups (Memorex 52MAXX) using Blindwrite to work in both drives.
I’ll test Paddus DiscJuggler and FireBurner when I find more time…
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I’v been trying to back up Madden 2004 for the last two days without any luck. :frowning: With my Sony DRU-510A, I’ve tried using both CloneCd and Alcohol 120% with the safe disk 2 profiles. I’m not a fan of things not going my way and its pissing me off :cop: any suggestions?


Are you reading also from the SONY510?

If my memory is correct this drive can’t read the pre-gap.
This is needed to make a good image of protected CD’s.


Enable ignore media type and minimize Alcohol 120% in system tray (startup)? Do you have another rom besides your Sony?

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Yeah, the burner is on my Dad’s computer, he has an old Dell Hitachi GD-200 DvD player. But I could also use my computer which has a Creative Labs DVD-Rom and a Memorex 42x cdrom.


I wrote an Image file of Madden NFL 2004 using my Hitachi Cd-Rom drive and made sure “ignore Media Type” was enabled and still had no luck. The backup of madden will install but will freeze when I try to run mainapp.exe. I also upgraded my firmware without any luck.