Madden 2005 backup copy

Hi, I’m new to backing up cds and have been trying to do so with Madden 2005 for pc. I’ve used alcohol 120% and some instructions found here in the forums but it often freezes up the computer or asks for the correct cd when I attempt to play using the backup cd. (I have the trial version, not the full version of alcohol 120% could that have something to do with it?) Just wondering if I could get some help or if anyone has copied Madden yet. My optical drive is a Plextor DVDR PX-712A if that affects anything.

Madden 2005 has what copy protection ?

I’m not real good with this stuff yet, but A-Ray Scanner told me that signs on CD/DVD indicate safedisc 2. YaPs also said Safedisc 2.

SD2 ? easy peezy ! depends alot on your brand of cd-rw though. see here

I do not think the scanners can recognize Safedisk 3, that is what I think is on Madden 2005 (Tiger Woods 2005 uses SafeDisc 3.20.022), I would look at the alcohol forums for some hints and tips, it could be piossible that your hardware is not up to the task of making a working copy…

Thank you for your help, my hardware must not be up to the task, I’ve tried several times, following instructions exactly and using cd-r’s and cd-rw’s, and it still doesn’t work.

you should be able to get a working backup, even if it needz emulation.

how do I use emulation?

try using the latest CloneCD, just use the “Protected PC Game” profile for reading and writing, then make sure “Hide CD-R Media” is enabled in the tray.

ben :slight_smile: