Madden 2004 burning help

im using alcohol 120% to make copies of my games… can someone give me in depth instructions on how to burn madden 2004 correctly… my burner and cd-rom drive are…
cd rom drive- samsung cd-rom sc-148C
cd-rw drive- _nec nr-7900A

thank u so much!

p.s. can u also tell me which options to select… thanx:cool:

I’m about to give up trying to backup Madden 2004, I have a Sony DRU510A, I’ve tried the sheep burner tests and all the tests were successful. However, I’ve tried Clone Cd, Alcohol 120%, and DiskJuggler with all the settings for Scan Disk 2.9 and they were not successful. I have an old Hitachi GD-2000 as my CD drive and on my other computer I have a memorex 42X. I’m clueless as well…

With your writer, you’ll be struggling.

Try using alcohol with safedisc 2 datatype settings (i.e. Bypass efm error checked).

Remember too that the game will probably be hotwired to run only from the installation drive (like every other EA Sports game) and that you’ll need Ignore media type to be enabled if playing from a writer.

Good luck. You’ll need it (and don’t be too disappointed if the copy fails since your writer really isn’t up to this task).


Well maybe when I get some extra cash I’ll get a CD Burner capable of doing the job.

i cant burn a good copy of madden 2004 with a lite on 40152s, and cant seem to do it, im using the latest clone cd, any suggestions on read/write settings?

sure your not talking about lite on 40125 ??

well I would be happy to help with madden2004

but what is burner ?

well just message me and add me as contact and we can chat about this

sure i can get ya going if your burner is capable of it …sd 2.9 is very burner dependent … but I can look up some stuff and see if your lite on is able to do it

clonecd no offense i could never get copies going with sd 2.9

but message me

also if your burner cant i know cheap drive …memorex 52 x is really easy and can burn all safedisc and securom

also plex premium same way …but doesnt use twin peak to do securom …

both drives I use well …very easy now …

well hope to hear from ya and get ya going

oh for HeadHunter

the burners i listed do very well for all protections …also lite ons and asus drives are good too … just a little tip


yes 40125s, sorry about that, i also have a lite on 16x dvd drive and a pioneer dvr-105 if those will work

i may have a BIG problem, i may have updated imapi via windows update…how do i know for sure?

just message me on msn …add me as contact and just shoot me an IM

will help ya


ok, i reinstalled winxp and installed the aspi layer, i used clonecd with the read write settings as

read speed=max
fast error skip on, no boxes checked in any menu

write speed=max
weak sectors=ignore
always close last session checked

system specs are
XP 3000+
Gigabyte 7axp1394
1GB PC2700
Radeon 9700 pro
SB Audigy
Lite On 16x DVD HD166S
Lite On 40x CDR 40125S
Pioneer DVR-105 DVD-R
HD’s are on a Silicon Image ATA 133 controller
80GB Western Digital 7,200 jb
120GB IBM 7,200
250GB Maxtor
460 watt PS
and a 52x Asus burner arriving Monday

did your copy work then jefash

Originally posted by jefash
i cant burn a good copy of madden 2004 with a lite on 40152s, and cant seem to do it, im using the latest clone cd, any suggestions on read/write settings?

CloneCD is hit or miss for duping sd 2.8 and 2.9 cds, especially with Liteys (reasonably reliable with latest Asus writers though, even then doesn’t work with all)

Use one of alcohol (read and write with safedisc 1 settings with your writer), discdump/fireburner (read with either safedisc or standard mode; write using either dao16 or dao96) or (since you’re running xp) blindwrite.

Install the game from your Litey dvd and only run the back-up from that drive (like all EA Sports games it’s hotwired to run only from the installation drive) and you shouldn’t have any problems.

i have 3 cdroms and can play the original form any drive.
and can u give me some links to the recommended progs
you are speaking of, ive only used clonecd
and how are these drives for copying sd2.9
Lite On LTR-52327S

@ jefash

Both your writers can handle sd 2.9.

For links to the various programs I suggested and further info on copying sd 2 games generally, see this thread.

thanks, alchohol 120% made working copies on the first try, thx guys

I am also having trouble with this one. I have successfully burned backups of Simcity 4 and C&C Generals (Safedisc 2.8) using Alcohol 120 and a Sony CRX185E1 burner. From what I can tell, the CRX185 is a two-sheep burner so I uncheck the Bypass EFM Error on Alcohol’s record settings. It has worked fine before. Any other ideas on making a successful backup of Madden 2004?