Madden 2004 backup help

Hi im kinda new to making backups to my pc games and could use a little help. After reading though numerous threads on this site, i am still unable to get the backup of madden 2004 that i have made to play. I used cdrwin to make the bin/cue image files then, after a few wasted cd-rs, finally used alcohol120 to burn the images with success. I fully installed the game, but when i go to play it with the backup copy, I recieve an error message telling me to “please insert the correct cd-rom, select OK and restart application”. After hours of frustrating searching i cannot find a way to get past this, and would greatly appreciate anyone’s help with this.

Tell us what readers/writers you have so that we can let you know if it is even possible with your hardware, and how to go about it if it is.

I have an hp dvd writer 300c and an ATAPI cdrom 48x. Hope that helps. Thanks.

does anyone have any advice they can give me?

I’ve had that error message back in the days :wink: …sounds like SafeDisc.

Go into Alcohol’s burning wizard. Make sure when you see copying options that you use the “SafeDisc 2” profile.

Hope it works!

unfortunately not. but thanks for the suggestion.


Damn…so you have tried all of that?? Hmmm…afraid I can’t help you here! Sorry! :smiley:

yeah i tried quite a few different things i read in the posts on this site. i’m thinking it might be my burner, but don’t know for sure. i hope all games aren’t as frustrating as this one…

they are not all as fustrating … trust me. …if you have a lite on …asus … plex premium …memorex and there are some others out there backing up your games is easy …I just got a liteon to add to list of burners and so far it is great too hehheh thank god in the states we finally got them here woohoooo …