Madden 2003 and CloneCD forum profiles


I have a LT48125W used as my reader and writter.

Tried BOTH the NO AWS and AWS SafeDisc2 protection profiles for CloneCD…

Neither has made a 1:1 copy…=/

Any ideas?

Playing the back-up from your writer? If so check ‘Hide CDR Media’ in the CloneCD-tray. Did you check the CloneCD log-file while creating the image? Make sure there are no error sectors after sector

Madden has Safedisc 2.7. Try reading it slower, and write it slower, worked for me.

zebra has already solved his problems with this one. See here so perhaps this thread should be closed.

However, zebra please note that cross-posting is against the rules :cop: for this very reason. People waste their time trying to help you in one thread when you’ve already had answers on another.