Madden 07 dvd image or mini image

Hi. I am new to making images and have been searching for help with this for hours now. I read the 3 page thread someone made about battlefield 2 and successfully made myself a mini-image of that after also reading the mini-image guide. woohoo. yay me. thanks to those who made helpful posts and that guide. now I would like to do the same for madden 07 dvd version (bf2 was pc-cd). mini or full image would be fine, i’ve got the space. i’ve been reading here and on other sites to make an image using alcohol and mount it on daemon and that does not work; it makes the image successfully but tells me to insert the disk when i start the game, mounted on daemon or alcohol. it doesn’t give me the same options when making the image in alcohol as it did with bf2 (read speed, check boxes etc.). clonyxxl tells me madden has the same protection as bf2 (safedisc v2). anyone have experience making an image with madden 07 dvd version? any help would be appreciated. btw, i have version 1.9.5 build 3105 of alcohol.

also, i uninstalled and reinstalled alcohol with the suggested drive names as found in that 3 page thread i mentioned and other places.
thanks again in advance for any <reasonable> input.

no one can help with this? ok, i’ll accept unreasonable input i guess…anything that might help.

For a start, Madden 07 is not safedisc 2 protected but rather safedisc 4.70 and, no doubt, has an upgraded blacklisting of virtual drives.

You should dispense with clony xxl as it’s outdated. Use A-Ray scanner or Protection ID instead.

Next, unless you’re running Win98, upgrade your version of alcohol to the latest version. The virtual drive of the version you’re using is almost certainly blacklisted by the current safedisc version.

I suggest that you first try making a full image with alcohol and then mount the image on a Daemon Tools virtual drive. Install the game from the mounted image as the game, like all other EA Sports games is likely to be hotwired to run only from its installation drive.

Then try running the game from the mounted image, if necessary using a utility such as sd4 hide that you can obtain at Daemon Tools website to avoid blacklistings.

If that doesn’t work, you might try using blindwrite to make a physical copy with EZ-Play emulation which I’m told works for safedisc protected dvds up to v. 4.6 but whether it will work with Madden 07 (v. 4.7), I’ve no idea.