Madden 06 Problems


I recently tried to backup my copy of Madden 06. Obviously, in this case, only the first of the three cd’s is needed to be created into an image, so using Alcohol 120%, I made the image using the SafeDisc 2/3 profile. I then mounted the image, double clicked on SD4Hide and clicked ‘Hide.’ I then tried to play the game and an error message saying ‘CD/DVD Emulation Software Detected. Please disable all Emulation Software’ etc…

I then double clicked on the ‘backup’ file that SD4Hide creates after you use it, and added the listing to the registry. I tried playing the game again and another error message saying ‘Wrong CD has been inserted, please insert the correct CD and try again’ etc.

How do I get this to work? I created the image as has been described in numerous other posts, and used the tool (SD4Hide) that has been suggested countless times. Still, nothing has worked.

What do I need to do?

Try using Daemon Tools.

Select emulate Securom
Mount your image.
If you get a install,play,readme screen. Close the window.
Use sd4hide
Start your game.

You can also use SecuROM Loader instead of sd4hide

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I have…I mounted the image…Had all of the options for SafeDisc emulation turned on, used SD4Hide, and still…


Read my above post, was in the process of editing. This should work, as it did for me. You might want to check and make sure that your Alcohol 120% is not blacklisted now.

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