I’m useing the latest Ver. of DVD Shrink.
I’m useing the latest Ver. of Any DVD.
Copying: Madagascar:
I get more then 3/4 of the way thru compacting it on the HD and then the Buffer starts going up to around 3 gigs. Then Shrink says it’s out of memory.
I have around 30 Gigs. free on the HD.
Got any Idea ???


Make sure you’re using the newest version AnyDVD and you shouldn’t have any trouble making a backup of Madagascar

If that doesn’t work for you, copy the contents of the VIDEO_TS folder from the dvd to your hard drive in windows explorer and then use DVD Shrink on that.

I definately do have Ver. of Any DVD. Just up graded before I tryed.

I can’t figure what’s hapening with my Buffer going to 3 gigs and giving an out of memory error.

Thanks thought for your time.



Your problem is related to the DVD Shrink software program and not the AnyDVD software program.

To avoid any confusion it is strongly recommended when making Forum postings to always state the name and version number of the software program that you are using.

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By stating that I had the latest version of each I implied that I had installed the latest versions right off the web I newly installed.
DVD Shrink = 3,2.0.15
Any DVD =

I tried and removed “Unreferenced Material” in shrink (Replace with still Image) and that hasen’t seemed to work.

Mabe I have a problem with my PC.
All other disks that I’ve tried, “March of the Penguins & Mr. & Mrs. Smith” went fine.

I haven’t a clue.

I’m only having problems with Madagascar & Sky High.

Thanks for trying to help me.


It happens with NeroRecode also. The only luck I’ve had is burning the movie only, which is really all you need anyway :slight_smile:

Once again, did you try my suggestion of copying the files from the DVD to the hard drive first, and THEN processing them off the hard drive with DVD Shrink? If not, please do so.

This is probably caused by the “Interactive Games” on this disc. They have a very complex structure which can cause such high memory consumption and crash.
This is not a problem of AnyDVD. I strongly suggest to use a different backup program: elby CloneDVD2, available at

Why do folks put Interactive Games on a DVD anyway :stuck_out_tongue: ?

That must be it, since backing up just the movie itself is no problem whatsoever :bigsmile:

Rather than lower the price of a DVD more content is included so we as consumers have a perceived added value which justifies the price. At least this is the type of hype the media companies hope you subscribe to.
This is, of course, just my opinion.


I’m having the same problem trying to copy Madagascar…though I did copy Sky High which also contains the Ripguard protection.
I’m using DVDXCOPY and DVD Shrink 3.2 with anydvd
What I thought was a good copy using DVDXCOPY w/anydvd turned out to be a dud…I just got the intro screen nag from DVDX and then nothing. I took the advice and tried copying the contents of the video to hard drive and using shrink from there but came up with an overlapped I/O error in VTS_08_01…could be shrink…dunno.
How is I was able to copy Sky High and not Madagascar?
I am considering another ripping program with an easy to learn interface.
((btw the Madagascar is the Widescreen US version that didn’t work))

Try using Vob Blanker to copy to the hard drive. Then use DVD Shrink or whatever on it. I’m not sure if it’ll work or not, but, it’s worth a shot. Vob Blanker should repair the damaged vobs so that you can then open them. Good luck!

P.S. Obviously that’s in combination with AnyDVD…

also, not to argue semantics, but by stating you had the “latest” versions of said software you didn’t tell us anything. it’s always possible that someone may think they have the latest and not be aware of a recent update, and with teh slew of anydvd updates lately, it’s a very possible scenario.

and now a tidbit of info that probably won’t help you, but at least help you understand your problem a little:

you said the program said you were out of memory and then commented you had 30GB free. memory and space are different. It was referring to useable RAM on the system not the amount of space on your harddrive (unless it specifically says there’s not enough room on the hard disk)

what are the specs of your computer? it could just be that the games and extra content are too taxing for your system or for the software you’re using to rip/encode as was already suggested. if you post the specs maybe we can narrow it down to a hardware or a software issue.

I did that to copy the full DVD of Madagascar (with Nero Recode instead of DVDShrink)

  1. Copy the VIDEO_TS of the DVD to the hard drive (AnyDVD
  2. Run VobBlanker (default settings) and specify the source folder where your copied your VIDEO_TS files and put a destination folder.
  3. Run DVDShrink with the destination folder you specified above.

That’s it.

Just a quick thought on this. Combine steps 1 and 2 in the future. In Vob Blanker select the DVD directly and then output to the hard drive. You’ll find it’s much faster and works just the same.

RIPGUARD?..Bah Humbug…
Thanks SamuriHL and MentholMoose…it worked…I used the advice and tried VobBlanker with default settings…opened up anydvd, put in the DVD, used Vob to rip it to a folder on my hard drive, then directed shrink to the folder and BaM …works like a charm.
Thanks AGain.

Sweet. Glad it worked for you!

Hay Guys…
I did it… !!!
I have Any DVD loaded and then used VBO Blanker and then DVD Fab Decrypter then used Shrink on the results.

All went beautifull.
A lot to have to do…
Mabe with time, sombody will come up with one program that will handle it OK.
Hope & Pray.



I know i can do this directly on the DVD, but it also works this way. This way i have a backup of the ‘original’ DVD copied by AnyDVD!