Hi, I know that there has been alot of people having problems with this movie and I have read alt of the threads that pertain to the movie, my problem is that DVD Decrypter saves the whole movie to my hard drive, but when I try to load it with Shrink, it gives me the following error:

DVD Shrink encounter and error and cannot continue:

Invalid data in file “C:\Madagascar\Video_TS\VTS_08_1.VOB”

What does that mean and how do I surcumvent? Any thoughts is appreciated, Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!!

What it means is that Madagascar has newer Arccos than what DVD Decrypter can defeat. Two programs do beat it:

  • AnyDVD (costs money, but arguably an awesome program)
  • DVDFab Decrypter (free)

You’ll need to re-rip it, sorry.

Thanks for your answer. I have been reading about VOBBlanker. :bow: And let me tell you, once you get past the sorta intimidating GUI, it is a really cool program. Fix to this movie, DVDycrypt the movie to your hard drive, then run VOBBlanker to another directory then run Shrink and voila!! Encoding right now as I type so there is hope people. Hope that helps someone else that is not getting the results they are looking for, peace!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

try using dvd43 it worked for me
but just doing the movie itself it would not do the whole disc


yes VOBBlanker does the whole disk menu’s games all, no anydvd needed