Madagascar: Anyone done a backup yet?

It plays fine, but when I try to back it up, I’m getting ‘Invalid block start code’ message.

From what I’ve read in these posts, I might have a funky disc. I’m just checking with you guys to see if CloneDVD worked for you on this title.

TIA :confused: ,

Madagascar has the new Ripguard Protection on it.
Try CloneDVD2 with AnyDVD to rip.

Happy reading. :slight_smile: The short version, yes, people are able to successfully back it up.

WOW! Thanks for the fast feedback.

Too much turkey and too much Christmas hype; I forgot all about the AnyDVD fourm. I’ll check, and obviously upgrade my versions, then try it again.

This is a great community of members who help members. Gotta love it.

Happy Holidays to you all!
WhoDat :slight_smile: